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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Eberly Defends Himself on MinnPost


Others said nothing at all, for quite some time. That surprised Karl Bremer, a member of the Daily Mole who wrote about a "deafening" silence among Republican bloggers in a Nov. 9 post. (He criticized Michael Brodkorb, a Republican researcher whose blog, Minnesota Democrats Exposed, is linked to the state GOP's blogroll and also featured a prominent link to on its list of "daily reads.")

Brodkorb published a note Nov. 10 calling Eberly's post "a vile and racist, hate-filled rant." He wrote, "I have pulled Anti-Strib down from my list of 'daily reads' blogs after reading this post authored by Tracy Eberly. I have also removed Anti-Strib from Party of Pawlenty's blogroll ... I will not reward a blog that proudly engages in providing them with [a] prominent link ..."

Brodkorb said that, despite having called the Anti-Strib a "daily" read, he hadn't read the post until Nov. 9, when Bremer pointed it out.

Eberly responded in a Nov. 11 post, accusing Brodkorb of succumbing to politically correct pressures, which he called "PC bandwagon jumping."

The exchange illustrates how the First Amendment, which both Eberly and Brodkorb invoked in interviews, can hotly divide members of the same political party.

"People can say whatever they want," said Eberly, a 41-year-old medical device consultant from Minneapolis. "Most of us are of the opinion you'd rather hear it above ground than keep it below ground. That was the reasoning of the ACLU when they defended the Nazis for their march."

Eberly stopped by and commented over on Minn Post:

The Lovely Mrs. Eberly did not ask me to take the post down. She did tell me to decline Micheal's offer to debate the issue on his show.

As for the rest, read the blog.