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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Former Republican Congressional Candidate, Michael Barrett Booted Off True North for Plagiarism

Avidor has the scoop over at Minnesota Mobsters Exposed. A blog, double plus undead posted about plagiarism by Barrett and noted my reports on the Michael Barrett Soap Opera earlier this month:

Pat continued to dig to see what else he could find out about The Seventh Son, and soon came across where Seventh Son got into a feud with left-leaning blogger lloydletta, who focuses on news in Minnesota. What's funny is, it looks like llyodletta totally got the better of Seventh Son, and that may have prompted Seventh Son to shut down his comments and cut off contact. Seventh Son, as I'm sure you can figure out from the title of the post and the links in his blog, is also from Minnesota. lloydletta also gave us his name, The Seventh Son is in fact Michael Barrett.

The Republican Party of Minnesota is looking into the Plagiarism allegations:

I Have a Plagiarist, So Do Lots of Others...He's a Vice Chairman of the Minnesota GOP! *Sticky'd, Scroll Down to Read the Rest of My Crappy Blog*

***Update: I've received a response from the MN GOP, noting they are looking into our allegations.

The Republican Party of Minnesota has removed the link to Seventh Son's blog. Barrett is still listed as a "State Vice Chair - CD 7".

Before getting known for plagiarism, Barrett became famous for pushing for a bill to allow Pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for Emergency Contraception.

The story has hit Ace of Spades which quotes Barrett's apology prior to taking his site down.

Hal Kimball takes us on a trip down memory lane about Barrett's congressional campaign.

h, the memories...

Parades in Litchfield, Glencoe, Silver Lake, and Stewart with big blue signs that said "Stop the Invasion."

Forums in Glencoe and Hutchinson where Barrett's platform was nearly 100% anti-immigration based.

Grandstanding at Ridgewater College to announce a "major policy statement" where he announced a plan for higher education that left higher education lobbyists, students, and faculty alike wondering what they had just witnessed.

Ah, the memories of our favorite "bat shit crazy" Congressional candidate not named Bachmann.

Mob Parrot Mitch Berg weighs in on this, with a self-righteous post about a "code of ethics." Normally blogs link to posts so people can go view them for themselves. Berg does that sometimes, when he cites a post from Lloydletta or Dump Bachmann. More often, he will not link to the post, then misrepresent the content.

I will miss the Seventh Son blog. It was providing regular material here.


Avidor said...

Good work, Eva!

Americas Small City Mayor said...

You'll also be happy to know that Mary Ellen Otremba and Michael Barrett both live in Long Prairie, MN.

I know from your other postings you're also a big MEO fan.

I'd doubt we agree on everything politically, but we can agree on these two. Yikes!