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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I hope the sex was fantastic

The Minnesota Legislative Auditor's report on Sonia Morphew Pitt is on-line. It's juicy reading:

While bridges fell and families mourned a terrible loss, while our friends and neighbors suffered spinal and orthopaedic injuries from which they will never recover, while divers searched for bodies in dark, turbulent water, while the national media descended on Minneapolis and St. Paul to cover a tragic, juicy, story....

Sonia Morphew Pitt couldn't find time to return to the Twin Cities, nor did Carol Molnau muster up the nerve to demand her return, so that she could do her job.

No, Sonia Morphew Pitt whored around the country with her boyfriend, on the public dime. I hope the out of wedlock fornication was fantastic, if it's costing the state of Minnesota $26k.

The report is pretty good reading. Here's my favorite paragraph:

In assessing how Ms. Pitt was able to circumvent the department’s controls, MnDOT officials and staff frequently referred to her "aggressive" and "belligerent" behavior. However, MnDOT management had a responsibility to maintain internal controls that could not be subverted or manipulated by an employee who used intimidation to achieve inappropriate benefits. Rather than acquiescing to Ms. Pitt’s behavior by processing unauthorized payments, providing her with a monthly purchase card limit of $5,000, accommodating expensive changes to her travel plans, and increasing the available minutes on her cell phone plan, MnDOT managers should have more closely monitored and reviewed her activity and better protected the state’s resources.

Madame Pitt's enthusiastic gluttony at the public trough is shocking, but I'm even more angry that nobody managed her.

Resign, Carol Molnau. You're totally inept at leading a state agency.


lloydletta said...

How did she ever get hired?