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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Michael Brodkorb and King Banaian Should Issue a Correction on Their Show

On Saturday, Andy Barnett claimed that city council candidate Karen Langsjoen had "complained to management" about the debate. I checked with Langsjoen to see whether she had been given an opportunity to come on the show to give her side of the story, and she was not. The only station employee Langsjoen talked with was Michael "the Senator" Jamnick, and he was the backup producer for the show, not management.

Barnett is going to be a guest on Glenn Beck tonight. He's truly acting the part of the Drama Queen about all of this.

He has posted the tape of his appearance on the Final Word:

He is trying to say that he was censored. He isn't. He has the right to say whatever he wants. He doesn't have the right to get paid for his spew.


Markh said...

A friend of mine has an standard comment for people like Andy B.....

'Straight people always think their lives are so interesting'.