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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Michele Bachmann's Farm Subsidies

(Cross-posted at Dump Bachmann)

Former Star Tribune political reporter Eric Black gave Karl Bremer a guest post on Eric Black's blog about Bachmann receiving farm subsidies:

Guest Poster Karl Bremer of Stillwater, a marketer and free-lance journalist, considers himself U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s least favorite constituent. He has attempted to ask her questions by phone, email and letter and has never received an answer, including his queries relating to this piece.

Looking at Bachmann’s financial disclosure statement, he found that Bachmann holds a substantial interest and receives income from a Wisconsin farm. Further down the paper trail, Bremer found that the Bachmann family farm received more than $125,000 in federal subsidies between 2001 and 2005. (The farm is very likely still receiving them, although the 2006-2007 records aren’t available online.) Bachmann generally opposes such big government excesses. So, is it hypocritical for her to benefit from them? Here’s Bremer’s report, you decide.

As usual, Karl did a great deal of research and there's lots of links in Karl's post, so it's best if you go over and read it at Eric Black's blog

Here's the main point:

Is the Stillwater congresswoman the kind of “farmer” that most Minnesotans think should be collecting subsidy checks? After all, Bachmann, with a $165,200 a year Congressional salary, recently described families earning $83,000 a year in Minnesota as “rich.”

Or is she just another wealthy “urban farmer” milking the federal system who would, were it not for her anti-government Republican credentials, provoke outrage and indignation among right-wing think tanks and radio jocks?

You be the judge.

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