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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mitch Berg Defends Tracy Eberly and Attacks Karl Bremer

Cross-posted at Dump Bachmann

From the "Headliners Hour 2: Race Relations" of the Northern Alliance Radio show from last weekend.

Here is an edited version:

Eva adds: Here's a transcript with my comments.

Mitch: Now Tracy wrote a piece that quite frankly I find quite regrettable in the last month some time, in which he referred to Native Americans as Dirt Worshipping Heathens.

Ed: You know, I was at the Blog World Expo - and the one panel I was at was talking about raising the level of discourse in the blogosphere. That doesn't do it.
Mitch: No it doesn't do it, but I understand the context in which he was doing it, he was responding to a commenter - responding - that is satirizing, or not even satirizing - that is taking a shot in the eye at a commenter - who by the way is a jerk. It was a sharp, borderline ugly response, but it was intended as a shot at a commenter rather the entire Native American people. On the other hand it was a fairly artless attempt, and I do not endorse it in any way. However, ha, ha, ha - the response on the part among the local lefty blog community, and the local lefty alternative media - ah - the likes of Steve Perry at the Daily Mole and Eric Black at Black Ink - I believe is his blog- it's an Offshoot of the Minnesota Monitor have been pretty fawning in defense of, or actually in supporting one Karl Bremer who writes for a blog called Dump Bachmann - it's a blog that did more than anything to put Michele Bachmann in office.

Ed: Isn't that the blog that said Bachmann was hiding in the Bushes?

Mitch: Hiding in the bushes spying on a gay rally which is delusional. There's no other way to describe it but delusional.

Don't let facts get in your way, Mitch. The original post where Bachmann was photographed squatting in the Bushes at the 2005 gay rights rally was published on Paradise is Where I am blog. This blog is now defunct. The blogger sent copies of the photos to Andy Birkey at Eleventh Avenue South, and Andy posted them. The Strib attributed the original posting on this to Dump Bachmann, but we only picked it up.

Mitch: Now Karl Bremer - I've known him a good 10 years, he is now let's just say he tends to be an excitable lad - I posted about this on my blog, in a post called By Association, it's at the top of my blog right now, in which I assail the response, and to some extent Tracy from AntiStrib. Tracy's a friend of mine, I agree with him about alot of things, I don't happen to on this particular issue. Karl Bremer talks out of the wrong side of his organism in describing the situation here. And here I quote from the Daily Mole. "Eberly is a member of a group known as the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers, or more appropriately, MOB. Self-described as 'a group of mostly center-right bloggers'," - wrong that's a lie - "MOB includes virtually every Republican blogger in the Twin Cities, including GOP-affiliated Minnesota Democrats Exposed, TCF-connected Power Line, and St. Paul Pioneer Press editorial board member Craig Westover."
A, Craig Westover isn't a member of the editorial board, he's a paid columnist, you numb extremities, Karl Bremer. TCF isn't connected to Powerline any more than my employer is connected to ya moron. And further more, the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers by the way, like you Ed, I'm fully qualified to speak on the record on behalf of the MOB because we organized it and we will go to great pains to keep politics out of the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. We have gone to immense lengths to keep this as ecumenical as possible to the point I have sent invitations personally not on the blog, but by personal email to the likes of Paul Demko of City Pages, to the likes of Bob Collins from MPR Polinaut, who is not a liberal per se not overtly so. But not only that, Karl Bremer's boss at the Dump Bachmann blog, that Eva Young showed up at the last MOB party.

I'm not Karl Bremer's boss. This blog is a team effort, and there is noone who is "boss." I also spoke out about Tracy Eberly's post close to the time it was posted.

Ed: She was at the one I was at.

Mitch: She was at least one MOB event that I know of here. Now Karl Bremer, does this mean that your boss, Eva Young hates Indians, hates Native Americans? Or could it be perhaps that you have mischaracterized the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers - that you talked out of your....

Ed: Other side of the organism?

Mitch: Other end of the alimentary canal. Oh I think I'll take option B, because that would be the norm for you, you punk. 651-489-4488.
The MOB, the Minnesota Organization of Blogs, eschews politics completely.

Oh really? Then why were selected MOB bloggers invited to the Governor's Mansion? Why are the posts on MOB blogs mostly about politics? Why do MOB bloggers do blogswarms?

That's what True North is for. That is the center-right offshoot of the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. The Minnesota Organization of Bloggers is rigorously non-political. In fact, if you go to a MOB party, you're hard pressed to find a political conversation. As far as Powerline being TCF connected, Scott Johnson, if you are within the sound of my voice, you better warm up your litigators here because that is kind of an interesting little shot there. As far as Craig Westover being on the editorial board... ha ha ha...

Ed: Not at all ...

Mitch: [inaudible] Besides, I don't know where the support for Tracy Eberly on Craig Westover's would go, since Craig Westover's blog has been moribund for 6 months. So to sum up, Tracy Eberly, please be more sensitive about Native American history - that I happen to regard and revere rather highly. And Karl Bremer, get your facts right in your entire blogging career. And Steve Perry of Daily Mole and Black Ink - Minnesota Monitor respectively, please do a little fact checking before letting morons use your bandwidth to spread their lies.