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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mitch Berg's Straw Man Argument

From Berg's response to Karl Bremer's post on Daily Mole:

A few years back, many left-leaning commentators - up to and including Geraldo Rivera and some who are on the George Soros payroll - tried to bury Michelle Malkin in a wave of anti-Filipina bigotry.And while many people, left and right, rose as one to condem this ugly racist display, a number of left-leaning commentators were as silent as death on the subject. Among the silent - and thus, complicit - were:

* Steve Perry, editor of the big-buck-lefty-supported Daily Mole (and, at the time, editor of the City Pages),
* Karl Bremer, foul-mouthed Stillwater screechmonger, who has found via the local alt-meda a ready outlet and ravenous market for his raving vein-bulging screeching inner lout.

In this post, Berg links to a post which links to a post on Malkin's website which describes nasty email she has gotten. Anyone who has blogged for a while and has a fair amount of traffic will get very nasty, and very inappropriate email. However, it's apples and oranges to compare this sort of email (or blog comments), to a post on a blog. Karl was talking about a post on the AntiStrib blog which called Native Americans "Dirt Worshiping Heathens."

The Wege condemned the anti-strib column when it came out. It's worth reading.