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Monday, November 05, 2007

Pusateri Backs Down on Claim that Langjoen Complained to Sowada

He's updated his post about the soap opera here.

In the Times Story Chat, Langsjoen denies ever having spoken to Leighton management about the interview. My source states otherwise.

****UPDATE**** (11/3/07 11:26pm CDT)

When I asked Mr. Barnett to clarify whether Langsjoen complained to Sowada, Barnett replied,

Several people at Leighton told me that they saw her talking with John Sowada and heard him apologizing repeatedly to her... I didn't witness it myself however...

****UPDATE****(11/5/07, 6:43pm CST)

I just spoke over the phone with Mr. Barnett to clarify whether Langsjoen complained to Sowada. Barnett maintains that someone told him that they overheard Langjsjoen complaining to Sowada, and Sowada apologizing to her. He also, however, states that the whole situation was "a blurr" (understandable when one gets fired). Others state that she was complaining to an intern ("The Senator) working on the show.

I will continue to try to investigate the story.

If it is confirmed, in fact, that Langsjoen didn't talk with Sowada, I will wholeheartedly apologize in advance.

But my opinion of Langsjoen's evasive, caustic and abrasive behavior on the show, as well as my resultant impression of her fitness for office (or lack thereof) still stands; and I believe that in any event, it was her histrionic reaction to the questions that was ultimately the catalyst for Barnett's dismissal. Also, it remains my opinion that Barnett's questions were not out of line, given the context of the show and its audience.

Mitch Berg doesn't seem ready to admit he made a mistake:

Speaking of dimwitted and irrational, some people think I didn’t “fact-check” my story the other day about the firing of Andy Barnett, the morning host at KNSI radio in Saint Cloud (although taking the unvarnished, spin-driven word of a city council candidate does qualify as a “fact”, apparently). They are wrong, as usual. It’s just that there are precious few “facts” to check.