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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rachel Paulose lecture at U of M postponed

University News Service

Today’s Rachel Paulose lecture at U of M has been postponed.

(11/20/2007) -- Today's program at the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute featuring Rachel Paulose has been postponed. Please watch the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance website at for information as we seek to reschedule this event.

.... into the wayback machine we go...


cukes26484 said...

Spectacular WAYBACK Machine!
Strom-Kersten-Paulose = Axis of Irrelevant.

Run this somewhere monthly so Strom might remember he is WAY more than half full of merde'.

cukes26484 said...

WHERE's the Bachmann-Paulose connection? Federalist Society?
WHO knows?
Right Goodling and Gonzalez know but who is gonna tell?
Heffelfinger? Deep Throats...