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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Response: Madia Comes Across as Strong Ally to the LGBT Community

I wrote earlier about Brandon Lacy Campos's LTE to the Minnesota Daily accusing Madia of Homophobia. This was republished on the Drama Queen's blog. Apparently Madia attended the Stonewall DFL Halloween Fundraiser and the other 3rd District DFL candidates were no shows. The question is whether Stonewall DFL made efforts to let candidates know about this fundraiser. For example, were 6th District candidates invited?

Ashwin Madia attended the Stonewall DFL Halloweeen Fundraiser and came across as a strong ally to the LGBT Community. He worked the room well by engaging almost everyone in the room in conversations at least twice before going around again to say goodbye to leave to another event. No other 3rd CD DFL candidates were there. He seems to be running a good campaign. I do not live in the 3rd CD, but I look forward to learning more about him and all candidates in that race.

-Del J.