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Monday, November 19, 2007

Seventh Son Calls on Michael Brodkorb to "Tear Down This Wall"

His comparisons are overwrought, and rather hysterical. He was upset about Michael Brodkorb's post calling out Tracy Eberly on his post: Dirt Worshiping Heathens.

In today's Minnesota, we apparently have someone stepping forward to crown themself as the new Czar of conservative thought. Like Caesar, he has chosen to place the laurel wreath upon his own head. And like the Russian Czars he lives in his own walled Kremlin of his mind and has even gathered his own Strelsi to dispatch to put down any dissent. He has seemingly determined that he alone will decide who are good conservatives and who are not.

What's the result? Thought control.

I believe, and always will believe, that what sets us apart from the liberals is that we can choose to disagree about ideas and still remain respectful and still remain good Republicans. The liberals believe you may only express thoughts that agree with theirs. If you don't they will attack you, belittle you and seek to drive you out. Little does our new Czar of conservatism realize it, but he is seeking to do to us the same thing the liberals are. I don't believe we need these Stalinist tactics from someone suddenly claiming to be the sole repository of correct conservative thought. Sorry, but I'll accept this approach only when 'pigs fly'. Therefore, I can't in good conscience continue to list MDE as a recommended read and will remove it from my blogroll. I continue to believe in freedom of conservative thought and expression.

So like Ronald Reagan before me, I will stand with my back to his Wall and remind him with the same words. " Yes, this Wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The Wall cannot withstand freedom (of conservative thought).

Mr. Brodkorb, tear down this Wall!"

So is Mr Seventh Son saying that Tracy Eberly's post is the best conservatism has to offer?

UPDATE: Seventh Son writes on True North. From his bio on the True North site:

Seventh Son


The Seventh Son

Who: Pharmacist, federalist libertarian conservative

What: Former U.S. Congressional candidate, MN CD-7
Current RPM State Executive Vice Chair

I left this comment on his blog:

Interesting - and also a bit vague. I'm assuming you are talking about the much talked about post of Michael Brodkorb saying he was removing his link to anti-strib due to the Dirt Worshiping Heathens post authored by Tracy Eberly.

Also, I'm assuming, considering your bio on True North, that you must be Michael Barrett, who ran against Collin Peterson. The bio gives your occupation and history, but doesn't give your name - but who else is a pharmacist who ran against Peterson, and also serves on the RPM executive committee?

Developing. . .