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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sonia Pitt - A Shining Example of Timeless Values

From today's Star Tribune:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration will investigate whether the senior Minnesota Department of Transportation official fired last week for work-schedule improprieties was properly supervised, his spokesman said Monday evening.

MnDOT fired Sonia Pitt, its director of homeland security, on Friday because she charged the state for personal travel and phone calls and did not return to Minnesota after the Interstate Hwy. 35W bridge collapsed on Aug. 1, killing 13 people.

"This afternoon, Gov. Pawlenty said that Sonia Pitt's termination by MnDOT was appropriate and that the department and the governor's office will review if she was properly supervised," Brian McClung, Pawlenty's spokesman, said via e-mail.

Pitt was at a Boston conference when the bridge fell. On Aug. 3, she flew to Washington, D.C., for nonwork reasons and remained there for eight days.

State Legislative Auditor James Nobles also is investigating Pitt's situation.

Oh, c'mon. The woman was just horny. And she figured out how to arrange long distance trysts with her Inside-the-Beltway boyfriend on the taxpayer dime while cars and buses were falling into the Mississippi River.

So now, the Pawlenty administration gets serious about investigating... itself.

This story is made all the more hilarious by the governor's smug defense of 'timeless values', which is a gentle way of saying... no gay marriage in Minnesota.

How about constitutional amendments to prevent unmarried heterosexuals from hooking up at taxpayer expense? I call that a threat to traditional marriage.


Avidor said...

A bridge falls down, people die... the Governor has 60% approval... even with this.

It's Minnesota Miracle!!!