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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Utter Nonsense

So I am in favor of academic research, but this is absolute nonsense.

Psychologists in marketing at Yale and the University of California, San Diego studying the unconscious influence of names say a preference for our own names and initials — the "name-letter effect" — can have some negative consequences.

Students whose names begin with C or D get lower grades than those whose names begin with A or B; major league baseball players whose first or last names began with K (the strikeout-signifying letter) are significantly more likely to strike out, according to the report published in the December issue of Psychological Science.

Talk about doing research just for the sake of spending money... meanwhile, HIV/AIDS is still killing children on all but one continent. Bravo academia, bravo.

Oh and by the way. I am David DeGrio. By their logic I should have been a triple failure rather than a 3.98 HS GPA, not to mention my college and grad school...


lloydletta said...

They seem to have way too much money on their hands to get a research grant on this.