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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Yet More Soap Opera

In our last episode, Leo Pusateri backed down on his claim that Karen Langsjoen complained to Station President Sowada. Pusateri has now apologized publicly to Langsjoen:

According to Eva Young, John Sowada sent an email to her claiming that Langsjoen did not complain to him (see comments).

Consistent with what I wrote in my last update, I apologize to Ms. Langsjoen for posting what appears to be an inaccurate account of what happened.

Discussion on King Banaian's comment thread is interesting:

Well thank you, Tony.
The Senator | 11.05.07 - 6:22 pm | #

Re Phones Ringing issue...How Andy would know that "the phones were ringing"? The set up of the studio is such that the host could not see the phone board if a call were coming in. The O-N-L-Y way Barnett would know that calls were being missed is if he was trying to plant calls (which he did often when he was wrong).

It is not unheard of for a producer to leave the board once he gets a segment started. The host's time to get coffee, go to the bathroom, etc. is during a break. The producer's is during a segment. This is not uncommon. If a host is so dependent on the producer to punch in impromptu sound effects then the content from the host is not air worthy. If a host is relying on phone calls (especially ones he has planted) then he is not air worthy.

Finally, where exactly did "the kid" go? Perhaps he was running in the back to edit some sound for the show (the equipment in the studio is not capable of allowing both sound editing and archiving the show). Also a common task is to report to the sales staff problems with spots that just ran. "The kid" is also a very capable radio technician/engineer and often tries to tweak things to improve the sound quality of the show.

It would be responsible of those throwing out assertions of "the kid" to get the full story.

"The kid" is very capable and competent "behind the glass" much so that Andy constantly tried getting "the kid" to join the staff to be Andy's producer. Funny how for Andy's entire tenure Andy felt "the kid" was good enough to be his producer and "be another regular" on his show, but the day Andy is fired somehow is evidence of how incompetent "the kid" is.

Tony | Homepage | 11.05.07 - 3:02 pm | #

My point, it just goes to show you the professionalism (or lack thereof) of Mr. Barnett.
Groucho | 11.05.07 - 7:53 am | #

That may very well be "Insider", but the airwaves are no place to try to resolve personnel issues and personal problems.
Groucho | 11.05.07 - 7:51 am | #

I was listening and witnessing what went on and the kid producing the show walked out as the phones were ringing and left Andy without anyone running the audio board, manning the phones, or controlling sound effects...
Insider | 11.05.07 - 3:44 am | #

I was listening to KNSI that morning and there is alot more to that interview than that.

Also, later in the show, Andy yelled at the producer (Don was out that day...whoever the kid is that fills in...) over the air for leaving the studio to go talk to the manager. Not very professional in my opinion...
Groucho | 11.04.07 - 7:07 pm |

The MOB Parrot Mitch Berg still seems rather defensive.

Andy Barnett has decided to share his story:

Chapter 1: The Background Information.

Chapter 2: The "Hot Talk Debate" and the Debacle Afterwards.

Chapter 3: Behind the scenes conversations and more.

Chapter 4: What does this mean for St. Cloud, for myself, and for free speech from conservative thinkers?

Chapter 5: Farewell (?)

Did any of this play a role in the election, since it was the weekend before the election? What do people think?