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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good Account of the 3rd District Debate Over at MN Blue

Check it out here.

Commenters were highly critical of Terri Bonoff. Most appeared to favor Madia. Some of this may be because Madia draws younger supporters who are more likely to be net savy.

On paper and considered separately, they all look pretty equal and pretty good. They each have their strenghths and weaknesses. So I really wanted to see them in a debate. I got my chance on Tuesday night at the Hennepin County Library just south of Ridgedale Mall. You can read Joe Bodell's coverage and analysis, he was on the other side of the room from me.

Ashwin Madia won the debate hands down. Bonoff and Hovland stumbled throughout though Hovland did get stronger as the debate went on. Madia articulated clear points that showed his comprehensive understanding of every issue he talked about. He gave precise answers on all the topics. It's not that Bonoff and Hovland gave poor answers except for a couple of occasions, but they sounded vague in comparison.

This article also includes a table that compares the candidates on a number of issues. All three candidates said they support gay marriage and want to scrap Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Joe Bodell also assess the forum over at Minnesota Monitor.