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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Minnesota Majority Suggests: Lack of "Racial Purity" Causes High Infant Mortality Rates

From Minnesota Majority's position paper on Health Care:

FACT: The U.S. health care system serves the most diverse racial and ethnic population of any country in the world. This fact adversely affects every statistic by which we are compared to other countries. Black women, for a variety of reasons, are more prone to underweight babies than are Caucasian and Asian women. It is not surprising that Sweden has a lower infant mortality rate, or that Japan has a longer life expectancy than the United States does. They are nearly racially pure: we are not.

FACT: There is a direct correlation between two parent, marriage-based families and lower infant mortality rates. We need to do everything we can do to maintain traditional marriage.

Davis claimed that Stassen-Burger misprepresented the organizations position:

There is no tinge of racism in the issue paper nor does it imply any negative judgment about single-parent households. It simply states a statistical fact that helps explain some of the medical differences in between countries.

The actual words from the paper rebut Davis's defensive post.

From Stassen-Burger's article:

Kiffmeyer said the page dealing with health care and its mention of racial purity must be understood in context. That phrase, she said, is simply descriptive.

"That's a genetic term," said Kiffmeyer, who is a nurse by training. "It does matter when you are doing medical studies."

Drew Emmer, the communications director for the organization, said Kiffmeyer is the organization's executive director and Jeff Davis, who has been active in pushing for a Minnesota anti-gay marriage amendment, is the president.

Davis has a blog post howling about the article taking the "racial purity" comment out of context, and for pointing out his history pushing for an "anti-gay marriage amendment."

Davis huffs: "Jeff Davis has never used the terminology 'anti-gay marriage amendment'. It is a term made-up by Left-wing media types to try to put the proposed legislation in a negative light."

Davis's "traditional marriage" focus has been on keeping gays from participating in the institution of marriage. His rhetoric on this issue has been much more harsh than the more moderate Minnesota Family Council. His radio ads going after rural area state senators were over the top. Here's his website where he promotes the Bachmann amendment. It's all about the homos. It's also all about the homos on Minnesota Majority. They have an issues statement on "homosexual marriage."


Charlotte said...

For the truth about gay marriage check out our trailer. Produced to educate & defuse the controversy it has a way of opening closed minds & creates an interesting spin on the issue:
The truth will set you free...

Markh said...

I don't understand why the Minnesota Majority is so uptight about people reading their website.

When I first saw the website last week, it looked like the underlying premise was the views expressed represent a majority... hence the title.

They should be thrilled that the site is getting so much attention.

What's the problem?

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