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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rather Surprising that the Drama Queen Didn't Pick This Up

Daily Mole:

Molecast audio: David Schultz on the non-starting Franken campaign
By Steve Perry
December 4, 2007
09:25 am

David SchultzIt’s the negatives, stupid: Today in our weekly Campaign ‘08 conversation with David Schultz, the Hamline University management prof and political analyst plumbs the troubling numbers that continue to plague Democratic US Senate frontrunner Al Franken. “When I’ve gone out and talked to community groups in the suburbs,” says Schultz, “it’s clear by talking to Democrats as well as swing or independent voters, especially women, that they’re very, very uneasy with him. They don’t trust him.”

Schultz also notes Norm Coleman’s improving job ratings, and suggests that Democratic Senate challenger Mike Ciresi consider taking a page from the Arne Carlson playbook: Refuse to honor the party’s nomination and run against Franken in next September’s primary.

Usually the Drama Queen breathlessly reports on such press coverage of Franken.

The interview is well worth listening to.