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Monday, December 31, 2007

Why Did the MOB Parrot Pull the Shootie Awards?

A tipster sent me a link and an excerpt to a post by the MOB Parrot Mitch Berg that attacked Karl Bremer. The post was pulled when I went to it - and is not available through the google cache.

By Mitch

The Minnesota Monitor “Do As We Say, Not As We Do” Award For Grating Hypocrisy - Karl Bremer - dyspeptic anti-Michele Bachmann obsessive from Stillwater - made huge waves when, mirabile dictu, nearly every left-leaning regional simultaneously tripped onto a month-old, native-American-bashing post at “Anti-Strib”. ...

Actually I stumbled on this post a few days after it was posted and called attention to it here. The post was then discussed at Democratic Underground, Norwegianity, the Cucking Stool and possibly elsewhere on left leaning blogs.

After the Daily Mole published Karl Bremer's response to the post, Michael Brodkorb from Minnesota Democrats Exposed, an A-list conservative blogger, yanked his link to Anti-Strib from his Daily Reads and posted that "Anti-Strib Post Titled 'Dirt Worshiping Heathens' is Racist." Mitch Berg responded by defending the post by saying people didn't understand the context - that Tracy was responding to an annoying commenter, Doug. He later backed down. Now it appears he's gone back to his original views.

And while Anti-Strib got ripped pretty soundly by the local Sorosphere (and, let’s not forget,

Tracy Eberly’s piece last week last month, which the local Sorosphere has been tossing about like a bunch of poo-flinging monkeys, had some
background - an ...

I talked to another blogger who had read the entire post - and said that Berg had clearly put time into it, so it was odd that he would remove it. Were others in the MOB or in the Northern Alliance Radio Network telling him this was embarrassing?

UPDATE: The post is back up again but edited a bit.

And while Anti-Strib got ripped pretty soundly by the local Sorosphere (and, let’s not forget, a fair chunk of the regional dextrosphere), there was deafening silence about a comment Bremer himself left on a post at “Dump Bachmann“:

I thought I saw the name Drew Emmer among those arrested with Larry Craig for cruising MSP airport bathrooms for anonymous sex. I could be wrong, but Emmer’s behavior and comments seem oddly similar in both form and content to Craig’s.

There was never a comment from anyone involved in The [decreasingly relevant] Dump, or any other leftyblog outlet, about Bremer’s slander.

Being the darling of the local Sorosphere means not needing basic ethics.

This comment by Karl Bremer was in response to Drew Emmer leaving this comment on the DB blog.

I asked the question last week during a polite exchange with Bill Prendergast, a regular poster at, and a former writer for the Stillwater Gazette. The question was "Do you know the identity of the "Stillwater Infidel aka NSA"?

The reason I asked is because a number of posts on sounded oddly similar in both form and content to the type of material posted by Stillwater Infidel aka NSA.

At the time this comment was left, I responded point by point. You can see that response here.

However for the purpose of this post, Karl Bremer's comment was a snarky response to Drew's "when did you stop beating your wife" questions on Dump Bachmann. The comment was clearly satirical (as many of Karl's comments are).