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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Former Log Cabin Republicans Chair, Bill Brownson Runs for City Council

I got this note from Patrick Sammon from Log Cabin Republicans:

Dear Log Cabin members and friends,

Bill Brownson

I want to tell you about my friend Bill Brownson, who has been instrumental in Log Cabin's work for the last decade. He is a candidate for City Council in Columbus, Ohio.

Bill served as Chairman of Log Cabin's Board from 2003 through 2005. I came to know Bill very well during his tenure as Chairman. He's a man of integrity and character—someone who helped lead this organization through our courageous stand against the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004. I admire and respect him for the courage he showed during that difficult and historic time.

Now, Bill is engaged in another challenge. His election as an openly gay Republican to a city-wide office in a major U.S. city will be another milestone in Log Cabin's history. He has the experience, character, and competence to do an excellent job serving the people of Columbus.

I am committed to helping him win this election. I hope you will join me in this effort. Show your appreciation for all that Bill has done to help Log Cabin.

Help Bill's campaign now

Please consider making a financial contribution to his campaign today. Your support will ensure that he is able to effectively deliver his message to the voters in Columbus. Together we will help Bill achieve victory on November 6th.

I'll have more about this campaign later. I served on the board with Bill, and think he would make an excellent city council member.

Minnesota Family Council Blog

Over here.

It's already a rich mother-load of material.

The focus - as predicted, pretty much all homos all the time.

I get the idea they really don't like Pastor Greg Boyd.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jeff Johnson Out of 3rd District Race

Big Question.....

He remains committed to his race for county commissioner.

Rich Stanek, the Hennepin County Sheriff is acting like Hamlet.

It Takes One to Know One

The Drama Queen exposes a Drama Queen.

Unpleasantness at the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee

There's a real cat-fight over there between RCCC Chair Cole and house minority leader Boener according to Politico.

Grab your popcorn.

Buck's Out

Of the Third District Race. Eric Black has the story.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Unhappiness from the Base on Norm Coleman

Kevin Ecker:

Speaking of deceitful, while 20 Senators have publicly committed to voting against the DREAM Act amendment, a vast majority of senators, including both of our Minnesota senators, have declined to commit to anything. Privately, they tell callers whatever the caller wants to hear. As a result the Senator is still free to sell their soul for whatever legislative trinket they want.

Our own Senator Coleman is effectively standing with his finger to the breeze, trying to figure out what will benefit him politically. Since this is essentially what he did last time this issue came up, it’s hardly a surprise, but disappointing nonetheless.

Although to Coleman’s credit it’s still an improvement over Klobuchar who seems intent on ignoring the interests of her constituents, and instead intends to lay her soul on the Democratic altar.

However, she’s a Democrat. She’s supposed to be a weasel voting against the interests of her state. Coleman on the other hand….well, I’ll leave that to you to answer.

Surfing Chihuahua

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Norm Coleman Flip Flopping and Waffling on Immigration Issues

Lloydletta's Nooz reported earlier on a piece he had at the State Central Committee meeting last June which emphasized a hard-line stance on immigration. (Screen shots here.)

Well now Andy Apklikowski reports that Coleman is supporting the DREAM Act. He publishes a constituent letter:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me concerning the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act of 2007 (S. 774). I am supportive of this legislation.

The DREAM Act would permit states to determine state residency requirements for higher education purposes and would authorize the cancellation of removal and adjustment of status of alien students who are long-term U.S. residents and good members of the community. You will be happy to know that this legislation is included as part of the Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (S. 1348).

After careful consideration of the legal and security issues involved, I have supported comprehensive immigration reform, including strong border and interior enforcement, improved employer verification, and a guest worker program that allows long-time residents to earn a legalized status. I believe it is in our national security interest to bring people who are here illegally out of the shadows, and it would be unrealistic to deport 12 million people from our communities and our economy.

I could not, however, support the Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (S. 1348) in its current form. S. 1348 was never considered by a Senate Committee and was brought directly to the floor before most of us had a chance to fully review it. Senate leadership blocked many amendments, including my own, that would have improved the bill. The repercussions of this bill are too great, and I could not in good conscience support moving forward with legislation that is incomplete and unfinished. For this reason, I voted against a procedural motion on June 7, 2007 that would have pushed the bill forward without further debate. However, I am optimistic that the Senate will resume debate of immigration reform legislation in the near future.

I will continue to follow this important issue. I appreciate hearing from you and hope you will not hesitate to contact me on any issue of concern to you.

Norm Coleman
United States Senate

Commenters at Andy's site respond. I'm sure Norm Coleman will be getting some calls.

1. Kevin Says:
September 19th, 2007 at 1:50 pm

To be fair the bill and amendment numbers referenced above are not the same, so it’s not the exact same legislation. But essentially most of the crap has been carried over from one to the other.
2. Kevin Says:
September 19th, 2007 at 1:51 pm

It should also be pointed out that when I criticize people because of the timing and definite lack of enthusiasm for his votes against amnesty last time around, people remind me that at least he voted the right way.

I fear I will be proven correct this time around.
3. J. Ewing Says:
September 19th, 2007 at 2:41 pm

According to Hannity, this DREAM act is far WORSE than it has been described. Apparently the “in-state tuition” provision is just the lightning rod, while the details of the act include the granting of legal status to these illegals, of ANY AGE, just for applying to college. THEN it would allow them to apply for legal status for their parents, who could then apply for legal status for all of their children! It’s almost as much amnesty as the Amnesty Bill.

And this act rescinds a federal law prohibiting the granting of in-state tuition to non-residents, unless it applies to ALL non-residents. What are these people thinking? Why would anybody stand up for this ridiculous idea?
4. Kevin Says:
September 19th, 2007 at 5:14 pm

Hannity is correct.

Essentially there are enough loopholes in this that virtually ANY illegal immigrant could find a way to be “eligible”.

And to be eligible all you have to do is claim you’ve been here since you were 16. You don’t actually need to prove it.

I wonder how Norm Coleman responds to those who write opposing the DREAM Act.

Stop Buck Humphrey Blog

It's an anonoblog, with the goal of getting Buck Humphrey out of the 3rd district race.

I don't see how Buck Humphrey can win in the 3rd district when he couldn't win against Mary Kiffmeyer in 2002.

MIchele Bachmann Talks About Kissing President Bush... Again

(Cross-posted at Dump Bachmann)

Michele Bachmann was on the WCCO Morning News today (podcast here).

Bachmann talks about how President Bush attempted to kiss her at the site of the collapsed 35W bridge. If you can't wait, here's an audio clip with a You Tube slideshow:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mitt Romney Has Ad About Gay Marriage Up

Caucus Blogs at the NY Times:

Mr. Romney has his own complicated history on gay rights to work through as well. He has been consistent in his opposition to gay marriage over the years, but when he ran for the U.S. Senate in 1994 and then for governor in 2002 his tone on gay rights was decidedly different than it is on the presidential campaign trail today. Back then, he portrayed himself as someone who would fight for gay equality, including partnership rights for same-sex couples. In 1994, when he ran against Senator Edward Kennedy, Mr. Romney said he supported federal legislation to bar discrimination against gays. In 2002, he also promised members of Log Cabin Republicans, a gay organization, according to several people who were at a meeting with him, that he would not champion a fight for or against gay marriage.

Mr. Romney would go on, of course, to become one of the most visible crusaders in the country against same-sex marriage, after a court decision paved the way for it in Massachusetts while he was governor. Mr. Romney is careful on the stump today to say he opposes discrimination against gays, but he sidesteps questions about what that might mean more specifically.

Commenters point out:

September 18th,
3:43 pm

Those on the Right who might share Romney’s fury towards homosexuals should pause and consider that nobody every buttered gays (or pro-choice people) up more than Romney did when he ran for the Senate against Ted Kennedy and then later for Governor of Massachusetts. He completely betrayed everybody whose vote he sought, and now that he’s in the Republican primaries he does nothing but run down Massachusetts, speaking as if it were a little Azerbaijan whose inexorable descent into sin and misgovernment he managed temporarily to slow. In other words, he has a history — prominently displayed this year — of turning his back on those who got him where he is. I don’t know why anybody on the Republican fringe (the so-called “Values Voters”) should be confident that he won’t do exactly the same with them. He doesn’t seem to have any bedrock principles he won’t alter to fit the circumstances.

— Posted by ducdebrabant

I think many of the theocrats are aware of this.

The First Amendment Challenged Mayor of Minneapolis

This weekend we had the kick-off to the 50 More Cops campaign in Minneapolis. I've been involved with this campaign from the beginning when a group of residents got together with the Independence Party and started coming up with ideas regarding pressing problems in Minneapolis and possible solutions.

As many times before, we booked the COMMUNITY Room at the Minneapolis Police 5th Precinct to hold our gathering and distribute our materials. That morning, the Sargent came in and said orders had come down from the top that we weren't to be allowed to use the room for our event. (Star Tribune Article)

After placing phone calls to higher-ups in the department it was settled that we could use the room as a base of operations but not distribute any literature.

THIS IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT! We've used this room numerous times, after all it's the "Community Room" and we were dealing with an issue specifically relating to a community issue. It's never been said before that political groups couldn't use it. Now all the sudden, when someone criticizes the Mayor, things change? And now all of the sudden "the department is developing a new policy for political use of department space."

This is just another example, on a growing list, relating to how Minneapolis City Government is working to silence the voice and violate the 1st Amendment rights of city residents. It's time to dump them all!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Al Franken on Ramstad's Retirement


SAINT PAUL [9/17/07] "There weren't enough Jim Ramstads in Congress even before today's announcement.

"Jim's political courage and principled leadership, especially on mental health parity, have served as an example for those of us who believe we should lead on our values, not our party affiliation.

"I would have loved to work with Jim in Washington, but I look forward to working hard to make even more progress on the issues he's championed so well."

-Al Franken


Values Voter Question on Stopping the Homosexual Agenda

Thanks to Ken Avidor. He said he'd have gotten more but he got queasy.

More Comments on Ramstad

Truth v Machine:

Jim Ramstad is the embodiment of everything I loathe about RINOs. He’s a SOB. But he’s OUR SOB and losing Ramstad would almost certainly mean losing this “first ring” seat. Congressional majorities are comprised of true believers and heretics. Congressman Ramstad is a card-carrying member of the latter but his departure would make it that much more difficult to regain the Speaker’s gavel in the next few election cycles.

Ramstad to Retire from Congress

Brodkorb got the scoop first, followed closely by MPR.

Some comments on replacements:

# I can see it now... Says:
September 17th, 2007 at 2:37 pm

I’ve uncovered David Gaithers future campaign announcement:

I’d like to be the first to announce to all my loyal subordinates that I am running for Congress in the 3rd district.

I’m pretty awesome and my hair is frickin sweet, so I think I’ve got a real chance at this. Plus I pop my collar on polo shirts and ladies love that shit.

I’ve already nailed down (literally) my campaign manager. We’ll save the name for another big announcement, but If she’s half as good at running my campaign as she is at….well, never mind. Let’s just say I’m feeling pretty good about this.

Big Ups Western Burbs,

Gaither for Congress ‘08

Gaither left the Governor's office under mysterious circumstances. The Mall of America played a role in this one.

MN Publius:


Andy Luger
Buck Humphrey

Strongly Leaning Towards Running

Melissa Hortman

Seriously Considering

Terri Bonoff

Possibly In

Maria Ruud

Weighing their Options/Calling the Realtor

Steve Kelley
Steve Simon

What’s going on?

Denise Dittrich

Stopping the Homosexual Agenda

Alan Keyes is ranting and raving on the "Values Voters" debate. He talks about the family ordained by god that can procreate being the traditional family.

Duncan Hunter talks about his leading the opposition to keeping gays out of the military. He's also said that we should support organizations like the boyscouts saying we should not accept homosexual activity.

Sam Brownback talked about his support for Peter Pace.

Mike Huckabee was the least hostile to gays in this round.

Grab Your Popcorn

The freak show that is the "Values Voters Debate" is on as we speak.

We'll have excerpts up later.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alan Keyes Announces for President

Renew America:

On Friday, Sept. 14, Alan Keyes filed a Statement of Candidacy (Form 2) with the Federal Election Commission--thus officially announcing as a Republican candidate for President of the United States.

Keyes told Janet Parshall, host of a nationally syndicated radio show, that he's "unmoved" by the lack of moral courage shown by the other candidates, among whom he sees no standout who articulates the "key kernel of truth that must, with courage, be presented to our people."

He added, "The one thing I've always been called to do is to raise the standard . . . of our allegiance to God and His authority that has been the foundation stone of our nation's life"--and he decried the lack of "forthright, clear, and clarion declaration" from the other candidates concerning this issue.

As a result, Keyes said, "We're putting together an effort that's not going to be like anything before, because it's going to be entirely based on citizen action. We're going to be challenging people to take a pledge for America's revival," and elevate them from spectators in the political arena to participants.

The former Reagan diplomat ran previously for president in 1996 and 2000. During the 1996 race, he was widely credited with forcing abortion to the center of public policy debate. In 2000, he was acknowledged by commentators at Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN as the winner of the Republican presidential primary debates. In that election, he continued his prior focus on America's moral crisis, and also made abolishing the income tax a serious question for policy-makers.

Alan Keyes announcement on Janet Parshall's radio show is available here.

Hat Tip to First Ringer who notes:

"America needs Alan Keyes. Just like it needs a colonscopy."

Did Governor Pawlenty Kowtow to Jason Lewis?

Matt at North Star Liberty makes a good point.

Tom Scheck at Minnesota Public Radio's Polinaut, and more than a few Democrats I presume, are befuddled at Gov. Tim Pawlenty's signals over the weekend that a gas tax increase may not be such a sure thing after all. In an e-mail to supporters, the governor's political director, Michael Krueger said, "the Governor has made it clear to legislative leaders that he would like to see this gas tax increase as only temporary and offset by an income tax cut."

"So what changed," asks Scheck, "between Pawlenty's statement on August 7th ("The gas tax has never been popular but we have needs that have to be addressed") and today? Did he get too far from his base? Is he poll watching?"

That got me wondering about 100.3 KTLK-FM personality Jason Lewis's August 10 (note the timing) e-mail blast to his Tax Cut Coalition. Perhaps we caught a glimpse of what can happen when conservatives come together to flex their political muscle.

The question is why Matt Abe, and not Tom Scheck picked up on the Tax Cut Coalition email. Mainstream Media reporters should subscribe to those mailings.