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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mob Parrot Berg Mitching About Avidor

Last week Berg was mitching about Karl Bremer on his radio show. This week I hear he was mitching about Ken Avidor. Avidor must have hit a nerve. Avidor has started a blog to cover the MOBsters. I heard this is what irritated Mitch Berg.

Michael Brodkorb has gotten lots of heat from fellow MOBsters for calling Tracy Eberly's post: Dirt Worshiping Heathens racist. Over at Anti-Strib they are referring to Brodkorb as "Lord Brodkorb", and tagging posts "I am Michael Brodkorb's hypocrisy".

Mitch Berg Mitching

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sen Jungbauer Calls Out Governor Tim Pawlenty


State Senator
Mike Jungbauer
Proudly Serving Anoka, Bethel, Burns, Cedar, East Bethel,

Elk River, Oak Grove and Ramsey
For Immediate Release Contact: Peder Mewis 651.296.4847


Senator Jungbauer calls on Governor Tim Pawlenty to be honest with Minnesotans

St. Paul – Governor Pawlenty’s leadership on the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord is inappropriate and leads Minnesota and others down a path to greater consumer burden, Senator Michael Jungbauer said today.

“The Governor’s energy and environmental policies are nothing but feel good plans that raise the cost on energy to consumers and do nothing to protect the environment,” Jungbauer said. “I thought the Governor was conservative, but this initiative creates more government bureaucracy and intrusion in an era when we need less government and less intrusion in our lives.”

Pawlenty is in Milwaukee today signing the accord with eight other Midwest governors and the premier of Manitoba. Governor Pawlenty’s multi-state/provincial accord will establish greenhouse gas reduction target, create a carbon cap-and-trade system and develop CO2 capture and storage.

“Cap-and-trade systems just create a new level of taxation on power companies that ultimately will be passed on to the consumer,” Jungbauer said. “Not to mention the extreme costs of capturing and storing carbon dioxide.”

Senator Jungbauer says he is nervous about the long term consequences of such policies.

“We just passed the 25 by 25 renewable energy standards and now this, it feels like a piling on effect,” Jungbauer said. “This could have a devastating effect on the already high cost of energy.”

“The governor has been absent on the real issues that are affecting Minnesotans,” Jungbauer said. “He is abandoning the constituents that put him in office and seems to only care about a personal agenda of higher office. Senior citizens on a fixed income, the poor and middle class will be hit hardest by these costly initiatives. The governor needs to understand that we cannot afford these large increases in energy costs, especially during our Minnesota winters.”

Mike Jungbauer is serving his second term in the Minnesota State Senate. He encourages and appreciates constituent input, and can be reached a t 651-296-3733. By mail to 121 State Office Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. St. Paul, MN 55115, or via e-mail to

Powerline's Scott Johnson Joins Swiftee at True North

Time Magazine named Powerline Blog of the Year in 2004. City Pages gave Powerline the Best Meltdown Award in 2005. Perhaps as an indicator of how low the GOP has sunk, Powerline's Scott Johnson has been reduced to blogging with Tom "Swiftee" Swift, one of the nastiest, sleaziest bloggers in Minnesota's political blogosphere.

If you have spent any time surfing Minnesota's political blogs, you will have come across the nasty comments of MOB troll Tom Swift, alias "Swiftee". Swiftee's modus operandi is to make the blogosphere as creepy and scary as this picture he posted of himself on his blog.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Powerline blogger, Scott Johnson has joined up with a group of right-wing GOP bloggers calling themselves True North. True North also boasts of having Swiftee on their roster. Besides Swiftee, True North has a blogger who poses with an assault rifle. Phil Krinkie and David Strom are also on the True North team.

The following story will give you an idea just how nasty and sleazy Swiftee can get...

When the Minnesota Monitor's Robin Marty posted an ultrasound picture of her fetus on her blog, Swiftee posted an altered picture of it on his blog with this explanation on his Pair of Dice blog.

I noticed something awry right away. Given Robin’s obsession with partial birth abortion, I think that little bundle of cells needs some protection…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Jeff Fecke's response at Shakespeare's Sister:

Back in May, my friend and then-editor at Minnesota Monitor, Robin Marty, announced she was expecting a child. It was great news for Robin and her husband Steve, and obviously those of us who know them were happy for them.

Now, Robin was and is a longtime supporter of abortion rights. Something about women having the right to determine what happens in their own bodies. Anyhow, like many pro-choice women, Robin was still able to enjoy her pregnancy, knowing that even though it was early in her term, the fetus that she carried was going, eventually, to grow into her child.... [snip]

...So like any good blogger, she posted an image of the first ultrasound.

At this point, enter Tom Swift, crazy Minnesota blogger and erstwhile GOP candidate for school board in St. Paul. (I won't link to him, and if he finds his way back here, Melissa, terminate him with extreme prejudice.) He blogs under the name Swiftee, and he created an image to welcome Robin and Steve's child into the world:

You get it? Because Robin was pro-choice, she might decide to abort the child she wrote about, so let's get it some protection.

Disgusting doesn't even begin to touch it. The insinuation Swiftee makes is that Robin would want to harm her child, not just as a fetus, but once born, too. It's attacking Robin, using the image of her eventual child to do so.

That's not the interesting part of the story, though. Swiftee's image got those of us on the left seething, but we let it go, primarily because we don't want to give him the traffic. But that seething got back to local blogger Mitch Berg, who styles himself as a "reasonable conservative," someone who believes in hitting his opponents hard, but fairly. And Mitch's response to Swiftee was what I remembered:

Is Robin and Smarty’s baby “fair game” for satirists, given that

1. she put the ultrasound out on her public website, and
2. she and her colleagues from the “Minnesota Monitor” rentablog she “edits” have stumped for abortion on demand and partial birth abortion, and fumed and phumphered when the SCOTUS shot the procedure down?

Well, I’d say “I hope not” - but of course, in the world of internet “cartoonists”[...]pretty much everything is fair game. If there’s an unflattering or embarassing pic of yourself out there somewhere online, it’s going to pop up sooner or later, intended to dink at some belief of yours or another.

So - did Swiftee “cross a line” with his cartoon? What line? Where? In the coarse thrum of the political blogging interchange, I’m not sure there’s a line left anymore; any line one person draws is someone else’s sport to cross, and ones’ best bet is to strictly separate the personal and the public (as, indeed, I do). The one that civil people try to observe when dealing with one another…

Very Pilate-like, Mitch was. But it was that line -- "fair game" -- that caught my memory. Mitch styles himself as reasonable, but if you cross out the official hemming and hawing, Mitch's meaning is clear: heck yes, the child of Robin and Steve is fair game. If you can make a political point by attacking the Martys, then by all means, go for it....[snip]

....Mitch was right: there is no line anymore, at least for the right. Everyone is "fair game." If they can advance a political point by attacking someone's child, they will do it. If they can take a political shot by staking out the home and business of an average American family that dares to have an opinion, they will do it. If they can attack a woman using her own ultrasound records for the sin of being both pro-choice and an excited expectant mother, they will do it.

They have no scruples, and they have no morals, and they have no point at which they say, "We may be crossing a line here." They want to destroy the left, full stop. And I fear that things will only spiral further before, as more wheels come off the right wing's trolley.

Here's another example of Swiftee's artwork depicting former Star Tribune reporter Eric Black and Eva Young.

Swiftee also has a long history of bigoted posts about gays.

You'd think somebody this creepy would be banned from Republican functions, but here are pictures showing Swiftee at a picnic with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and former Congressman Mark Kennedy.

Here's a video showing Swiftee and other True North bloggers protesting an anti-war rally:

Learn more about Minnesota's right-wing Republican bloggers at Minnesota MOBsters Exposed.

Keith Ellison on ENDA

Press Release: Ellison Applauds Landmark Civil Rights Bill | Print |
Wednesday, 07 November 2007

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minneapolis) today praised the passage of the most far-reaching expansion of civil rights legislation to gain approval by the House of Representatives since the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) as originally written simply addresses discrimination in the workplace by making it illegal to fire, refuse to hire, or refuse to promote employees based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. It would reinforce the principle that employment decisions should be based upon a person’s qualifications and job performance.

Ellison, a cosponsor of ENDA championed the bill in its original form which prohibited workplace bias against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. However, the inclusion of transgender individuals was dropped from the legislation as it reached the floor when it was determined that including the group at this time might jeopardize passage of the entire bill.

“While I understand the concerns of those fearing the viability of the entire bill, there is never a convenient time to give an oppressed minority greater rights. You just have to do the right thing. Today we did not do right by transgender people,” Ellison stated. “I will not rest until we do.”

The bill would have little effect in Minnesota where broad sexual orientation and gender identity protections have been in effect since 1993.

“I’m proud of the protections we Minnesotans extend to all our citizens. Such protection should be the law of the land. You don’t have to approve of everything people do; you don’t have to understand everything people do. But the lifestyle one lives should be respected just as we respect one’s religion or race,” Ellison said. “Over forty years ago, we passed the landmark Civil Rights Act (of 1964) that banned discrimination when employing people in certain circumstances. We found that discrimination based upon race, color, religion, sex or national origin were not only bad business decisions – but should be unlawful. Missing from that equation was sexual orientation and gender identity. Today we made a giant step in correcting those omissions,” the Congressman stated.

Most of America’s smartest business minds understand that a person’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with their job performance. That is why a majority of America’s largest employers have already implemented this policy. Unfortunately, Congressional action is needed because there are still too many jobs where Americans can be fired simply for being who they are.

Many of Minnesota’s most prominent companies and institutions already prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. They include: 3M, Best Buy, Ecolab, General Mills, Medtronic, NW Airlines, Target, United Health Group, Xcel Energy, Kandiyohi and Ramsey Counties to name a few.

Others such as Delta Dental Plan of Minnesota, Faegre & Benson, SUPERVALU, FilmTec Corporation and the Minnesota AIDS Project are even more forward-thinking in their operational standards by declaring both sexual orientation and gender identity discriminatory. “I commend them for doing so,” the 5th District Congressman said.

“It took us almost 200 years to outlaw workplace discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national identity. That was too long. It has taken us still another 40+ years to strike a further blow for dignity in the workplace by eliminating one of the last remaining vestiges of discriminatory behavior – sexual orientation,” Ellison stated. “That too has taken too long, yet I am proud to strike that blow. However, in the America of 2007 barriers denying the full and complete realization of every one of God’s children their potential should not exist at all. And yet they do. I will not be still until the last of those barriers – gender identity – is struck down and tossed into the dustbin of American discriminatory history,” Ellison concluded.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Abstinence Only - Condoms Don't Work Programs: Faith Based Pork

I didn't make up the term "Faith Based Pork", I heard Pat Buchanan use it on a TV panel. From Truth Dig:

and a Congress now led by Democrats, it is a piddling sum, barely worth mentioning. So no one does.

Not the White House, which claimed in vetoing the $150.7 billion spending bill for health, labor and education programs that it refuses to approve measures financing “duplicative or ineffective” programs. Not the Democrats, who harrumph that Bush continues to place blind faith and billions of taxpayer dollars in his own failed policies.

No one really wants to address the odd saga of how abstinence-only sex education programs, which have been shown by government and other studies to be wholly ineffective in changing sexual behavior among teenagers, are still getting federal money—more, in fact, than ever before. Those who tend to get mad about “runaway spending” for wasteful programs should be downright incensed.

Since 1996, federal allocations for abstinence-only sex education programs grew from $4 million to $176 million. In this year’s budget, Bush asked for a boost of $28 million, a sum congressional Democrats agreed to as a way to encourage Republicans to vote for the spending bill. “The abstinence money is very important to Republicans,” says a congressional aide when asked about the issue.

But not so important that enough Republicans will vote to override Bush’s veto of the larger spending measure that funds so many health and education programs dear to Democrats.

Whenever the budget impasse ends, abstinence-only programs are likely to get a total of $204 million. That’s about as much as the infamous and now-abandoned “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska, an excess considered so extreme that its exposure sparked a backlash against congressional earmarking. At least the bridge was meant to perform an easily identifiable function—it was to link one sparsely populated island town with an airport on a neighboring island.

Abstinence-only programs don’t even meet this thin test. “This is kids’ health and lives,” says James Wagoner of Advocates for Youth, an organization that promotes comprehensive sex education. Why are we more agitated over pork-barrel bridges than poor information that is getting drummed into impressionable young heads?

Go read the whole thing. Perhaps a group of parents needs to sue a district to point out that these programs are religious in nature, and therefore a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Utter Nonsense

So I am in favor of academic research, but this is absolute nonsense.

Psychologists in marketing at Yale and the University of California, San Diego studying the unconscious influence of names say a preference for our own names and initials — the "name-letter effect" — can have some negative consequences.

Students whose names begin with C or D get lower grades than those whose names begin with A or B; major league baseball players whose first or last names began with K (the strikeout-signifying letter) are significantly more likely to strike out, according to the report published in the December issue of Psychological Science.

Talk about doing research just for the sake of spending money... meanwhile, HIV/AIDS is still killing children on all but one continent. Bravo academia, bravo.

Oh and by the way. I am David DeGrio. By their logic I should have been a triple failure rather than a 3.98 HS GPA, not to mention my college and grad school...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Excellent NOVA Yesterday

It was about the Dover Pennsylvania school board implementing a policy promoting Intelligent Design in the public schools. "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial" features trial re-enactments based on court transcripts and interviews with expert scientists and Dover parents, teachers, and area officials.

There's a website here with resources about the program. The program will be available at the site on November 16. I intend to watch the program again.

Kline and Bachmann Vote Against 35W Bridge Funding

Kline's opponent Steve Sarvi has already responded:

***News Release***
November 14, 2007
Bridget Cusick
Steve Sarvi Statement on Rep. John Kline’s Vote Against H.R. 3074

BURNSVILLE, Minn. – Steve Sarvi, who last month filed paperwork to organize a Congressional campaign committee in Minnesota’s 2nd District, issued the following statement early this evening related to Rep. John Kline’s vote against the appropriations bill for the Departments of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development – which included the funding authorized earlier this year for repair and reconstruction of the collapsed I-35W bridge in Minneapolis:

“I’m in shock. John Kline has been grandstanding on this issue for the past month – and now, when he actually has the opportunity to deliver the funds authorized to Minnesota in the wake of the bridge tragedy, he votes against the bill. He chose a smoke-and-mirrors attempt at convincing his constituents he’s willing to invest in the infrastructure they count on every day over actually doing anything about it. This was a horrible vote for the people of Minnesota. An unthinkable vote.”


The DFL press release on this matter goes after both Kline and Michele Bachmann.

Eberly Defends Himself on MinnPost


Others said nothing at all, for quite some time. That surprised Karl Bremer, a member of the Daily Mole who wrote about a "deafening" silence among Republican bloggers in a Nov. 9 post. (He criticized Michael Brodkorb, a Republican researcher whose blog, Minnesota Democrats Exposed, is linked to the state GOP's blogroll and also featured a prominent link to on its list of "daily reads.")

Brodkorb published a note Nov. 10 calling Eberly's post "a vile and racist, hate-filled rant." He wrote, "I have pulled Anti-Strib down from my list of 'daily reads' blogs after reading this post authored by Tracy Eberly. I have also removed Anti-Strib from Party of Pawlenty's blogroll ... I will not reward a blog that proudly engages in providing them with [a] prominent link ..."

Brodkorb said that, despite having called the Anti-Strib a "daily" read, he hadn't read the post until Nov. 9, when Bremer pointed it out.

Eberly responded in a Nov. 11 post, accusing Brodkorb of succumbing to politically correct pressures, which he called "PC bandwagon jumping."

The exchange illustrates how the First Amendment, which both Eberly and Brodkorb invoked in interviews, can hotly divide members of the same political party.

"People can say whatever they want," said Eberly, a 41-year-old medical device consultant from Minneapolis. "Most of us are of the opinion you'd rather hear it above ground than keep it below ground. That was the reasoning of the ACLU when they defended the Nazis for their march."

Eberly stopped by and commented over on Minn Post:

The Lovely Mrs. Eberly did not ask me to take the post down. She did tell me to decline Micheal's offer to debate the issue on his show.

As for the rest, read the blog.

Peter LaBarbera Has a New Site to Call Out GOP Presidential Candidates About the Homosexual Agenda

Check it out here. It should be a good source of regular entertainment.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mitch Berg Defends Tracy Eberly and Attacks Karl Bremer

Cross-posted at Dump Bachmann

From the "Headliners Hour 2: Race Relations" of the Northern Alliance Radio show from last weekend.

Here is an edited version:

Eva adds: Here's a transcript with my comments.

Mitch: Now Tracy wrote a piece that quite frankly I find quite regrettable in the last month some time, in which he referred to Native Americans as Dirt Worshipping Heathens.

Ed: You know, I was at the Blog World Expo - and the one panel I was at was talking about raising the level of discourse in the blogosphere. That doesn't do it.
Mitch: No it doesn't do it, but I understand the context in which he was doing it, he was responding to a commenter - responding - that is satirizing, or not even satirizing - that is taking a shot in the eye at a commenter - who by the way is a jerk. It was a sharp, borderline ugly response, but it was intended as a shot at a commenter rather the entire Native American people. On the other hand it was a fairly artless attempt, and I do not endorse it in any way. However, ha, ha, ha - the response on the part among the local lefty blog community, and the local lefty alternative media - ah - the likes of Steve Perry at the Daily Mole and Eric Black at Black Ink - I believe is his blog- it's an Offshoot of the Minnesota Monitor have been pretty fawning in defense of, or actually in supporting one Karl Bremer who writes for a blog called Dump Bachmann - it's a blog that did more than anything to put Michele Bachmann in office.

Ed: Isn't that the blog that said Bachmann was hiding in the Bushes?

Mitch: Hiding in the bushes spying on a gay rally which is delusional. There's no other way to describe it but delusional.

Don't let facts get in your way, Mitch. The original post where Bachmann was photographed squatting in the Bushes at the 2005 gay rights rally was published on Paradise is Where I am blog. This blog is now defunct. The blogger sent copies of the photos to Andy Birkey at Eleventh Avenue South, and Andy posted them. The Strib attributed the original posting on this to Dump Bachmann, but we only picked it up.

Mitch: Now Karl Bremer - I've known him a good 10 years, he is now let's just say he tends to be an excitable lad - I posted about this on my blog, in a post called By Association, it's at the top of my blog right now, in which I assail the response, and to some extent Tracy from AntiStrib. Tracy's a friend of mine, I agree with him about alot of things, I don't happen to on this particular issue. Karl Bremer talks out of the wrong side of his organism in describing the situation here. And here I quote from the Daily Mole. "Eberly is a member of a group known as the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers, or more appropriately, MOB. Self-described as 'a group of mostly center-right bloggers'," - wrong that's a lie - "MOB includes virtually every Republican blogger in the Twin Cities, including GOP-affiliated Minnesota Democrats Exposed, TCF-connected Power Line, and St. Paul Pioneer Press editorial board member Craig Westover."
A, Craig Westover isn't a member of the editorial board, he's a paid columnist, you numb extremities, Karl Bremer. TCF isn't connected to Powerline any more than my employer is connected to ya moron. And further more, the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers by the way, like you Ed, I'm fully qualified to speak on the record on behalf of the MOB because we organized it and we will go to great pains to keep politics out of the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. We have gone to immense lengths to keep this as ecumenical as possible to the point I have sent invitations personally not on the blog, but by personal email to the likes of Paul Demko of City Pages, to the likes of Bob Collins from MPR Polinaut, who is not a liberal per se not overtly so. But not only that, Karl Bremer's boss at the Dump Bachmann blog, that Eva Young showed up at the last MOB party.

I'm not Karl Bremer's boss. This blog is a team effort, and there is noone who is "boss." I also spoke out about Tracy Eberly's post close to the time it was posted.

Ed: She was at the one I was at.

Mitch: She was at least one MOB event that I know of here. Now Karl Bremer, does this mean that your boss, Eva Young hates Indians, hates Native Americans? Or could it be perhaps that you have mischaracterized the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers - that you talked out of your....

Ed: Other side of the organism?

Mitch: Other end of the alimentary canal. Oh I think I'll take option B, because that would be the norm for you, you punk. 651-489-4488.
The MOB, the Minnesota Organization of Blogs, eschews politics completely.

Oh really? Then why were selected MOB bloggers invited to the Governor's Mansion? Why are the posts on MOB blogs mostly about politics? Why do MOB bloggers do blogswarms?

That's what True North is for. That is the center-right offshoot of the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. The Minnesota Organization of Bloggers is rigorously non-political. In fact, if you go to a MOB party, you're hard pressed to find a political conversation. As far as Powerline being TCF connected, Scott Johnson, if you are within the sound of my voice, you better warm up your litigators here because that is kind of an interesting little shot there. As far as Craig Westover being on the editorial board... ha ha ha...

Ed: Not at all ...

Mitch: [inaudible] Besides, I don't know where the support for Tracy Eberly on Craig Westover's would go, since Craig Westover's blog has been moribund for 6 months. So to sum up, Tracy Eberly, please be more sensitive about Native American history - that I happen to regard and revere rather highly. And Karl Bremer, get your facts right in your entire blogging career. And Steve Perry of Daily Mole and Black Ink - Minnesota Monitor respectively, please do a little fact checking before letting morons use your bandwidth to spread their lies.


Sonia Pitt - A Shining Example of Timeless Values

From today's Star Tribune:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration will investigate whether the senior Minnesota Department of Transportation official fired last week for work-schedule improprieties was properly supervised, his spokesman said Monday evening.

MnDOT fired Sonia Pitt, its director of homeland security, on Friday because she charged the state for personal travel and phone calls and did not return to Minnesota after the Interstate Hwy. 35W bridge collapsed on Aug. 1, killing 13 people.

"This afternoon, Gov. Pawlenty said that Sonia Pitt's termination by MnDOT was appropriate and that the department and the governor's office will review if she was properly supervised," Brian McClung, Pawlenty's spokesman, said via e-mail.

Pitt was at a Boston conference when the bridge fell. On Aug. 3, she flew to Washington, D.C., for nonwork reasons and remained there for eight days.

State Legislative Auditor James Nobles also is investigating Pitt's situation.

Oh, c'mon. The woman was just horny. And she figured out how to arrange long distance trysts with her Inside-the-Beltway boyfriend on the taxpayer dime while cars and buses were falling into the Mississippi River.

So now, the Pawlenty administration gets serious about investigating... itself.

This story is made all the more hilarious by the governor's smug defense of 'timeless values', which is a gentle way of saying... no gay marriage in Minnesota.

How about constitutional amendments to prevent unmarried heterosexuals from hooking up at taxpayer expense? I call that a threat to traditional marriage.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Shifting Sands of Mitch Berg and Tracy Eberly After Being Called Out by Karl Bremer

It's interesting that as more and more commenters seem to support Brodkorb's actions over Berg's Mitching, both Mitch and Tracy have changed their tune. And Berg has relied more and more on personal attacks instead.

Anyway, here's the evolution of Berg and Eberly:

Mitch, 11/10:

So read Eberly’s piece. I did. For the first time. I didn’t like it much, and don’t agree with it. Of course, I understand where it comes from - and it’s not racism.

To know that, of course, the reader would need to know the context of the story as well as the pull-quotes Bremer has elected to highlight.

Mitch, 11/12:
He said some things that, depending on your point of view, one could call “dumb”, “insensitive” (yeah, like a real conservative is going to use that term) or “racist”.

Tracy Eberly, 11/11:

I have no intention of changing the blog or appoligizing for highlighting the flaws in a culture. (Especially one that we subsidize!)

But hey, the left paid the race card and won this round, so I guess we should all be careful about what we say, or how we say it. That’s the America that the Veteran’s we are celebrating today dioes for, isn’t it?

Tracy Eberly, 11/12:

# Tracy E Says:
November 12th, 2007 at 2:52 pm

I added links to 3 explaination threads and noted some edits that I would have made if I had it to do over.

“Humanoid animals” was poor choice of words and did come off as racial when I was talking about their society.

Berg has also resorted to venomous threats:

And while I don’t believe in Karma, I DO believe that what goes around, comes around.

For at least one of the parties in this flap, maybe sooner than he/she/it thinks.

Flash calls him out:

#flash Says:
November 12th, 2007 at 2:36 pm

"They don’t care about context, about the bigger picture, or about what you really meant and who you really are."

To be fair, they learned it from you guys, Mitch! You all have been great teachers and were the ones that set the bar to begin with. So the Karma you speak is coming back to roost, so to speak,


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Andy Barnett Misrepresents Illegal Man Parody Bit

Lloydletta's Nooz has obtained Andy Barnett's original version of "Illegal Man" which was aired 8 AM hour, May 7, 2007. Barnett's posting of this song in the parody bits of his site leaves out the last line, where an "illegal" says "Hey Gringo, where is the welfare office?"

It seems that Andy Barnett would be a great addition to Michele Bachmann's staff.

This is similar to the way he edited out the pieces of the interview that made him look bad. Both candidates thought the questions were irrelevant, not just the liberal, Karen Langsjoen.

Mac Hammond's Aviation Anxiety Attack

The Sunday afternoon host on AM1500, AL Brown, is talking about prosperity gospel charlatans like Dale Carnegie graduate and Michele Bachmann supporter Mac Hammond. He'll be on the air until 5 pm today.

Mr. Brown is referencing Sen. Chuck Grassley's (R-IA's) recently announced intent to start investigating the mega church money-changers.

I didn't personally hear this 'sermon' from Sky Pilot Mac, but AL Brown reports that the Living Word tin cup has been rattling with a frenzied intensity. If the flock doesn't cough up bigger donations ASAP, Mac is in danger of losing the Aviation Ministry.

I'm not a Bible scholar, but I've read the book, and listened to a lot of smarter, more inspired people talk about it.

'Aviation Ministries' do not appear anywhere in the book.

Karl Bremer Puts the MOB Parrot's Mitching in its Place

Daily Mole Comments:

# Karl Bremer on November 11th, 2007 10:48 am

A few points:

Commendably, Michael Brodkorb was able to see Eberly’s ugly racism for what it is and has removed the links to Eberly’s blog from Minnesota Democrats Exposed and Party of Pawlenty. You can read why here.

It’s unfortunate that Berg and others of his ilk are so blinded by their rage for liberals they cannot see it as well.

Steve Perry has addressed most of Berg’s inaccuracies, so I won’t beat that horse again.

As for Craig Westover, even though he participated in candidate endorsement interviews, researched endorsements (erroneously), wrote house endorsement editorials, and continues to write a regular editorial page column for the Pioneer Press, editorial page editor Mike Burbach says he is merely a “contributing columnist” and not an editorial board member. I made the mistake of assuming that if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it must be a duck.

Berg’s personal attacks on me were predictable as the sunrise. That’s his M.O. when he has nothing else. But what is surprising is that he didn’t include his defense of Eberly’s racist writings that he posted on his own blog. The part that says “I didn’t like it much, and don’t agree with it. Of course, I understand where it comes from - and it’s not racism. To know that, of course, the reader would need to know the context of the story as well as the pull-quotes Bremer has elected to highlight.”

Really, Mitch? Here’s another quote of Eberly’s I didn’t elect to highlight. Maybe you can enlighten us as to the proper context in which this one should be read:

“The life of an Indian was no nobler, nor much different from that of a bear, a snake or a timber wolf. Their life cycles were identical: hunt, kill, eat, sleep, fuck, die. I’d compare them to the entire animal kingdom, but that would be an insult to beavers.”

Finally, at the risk of giving this jerk any more undue traffic, I realize now I should have included a link to Eberly’s bigotry so readers can see it in all its ugliness.

Bush Administration Hints President Bush Might Sign ENDA

New York Times:

President Bush threatened to veto an earlier version of the bill, but a White House spokesman, Tony Fratto, said the administration would need to review recent changes before making a final decision. Few Democrats expect Mr. Bush to change his mind.

Will Peter LaBarbera have another cow?

Michael Brodkorb Speaks Out About Tracy Eberly's Racist Post

Karl Bremer's article in the Daily Mole has had some effect among at least one MOB member, Michael Brodkorb.


I have pulled Anti-Strib down from my list of "daily reads" read blogs after reading this post authored by Tracy Eberly. I have also removed Anti-Strib from Party of Pawlenty's blogroll. The decision to remove Anti-Strib from Party of Pawlenty's blogroll was made after speaking with some of the other bloggers who participate in the site.

I believe the post titled "Dirt Worshiping Heathens" is a vile and racist, hate-filled rant. I will not reward a blog that proudly engages in racism and mocks alcoholism in Native American communities with a post tagged with the label "Mad Dog" by providing them with prominent link on a blog that I have editorial control or direct input.

Kudos to Michael Brodkorb for doing the right thing. Commenters on his site so far agree with him, except for the Admiral, who posts on AntiStrib.

# Jeff Fecke Says:
November 11th, 2007 at 12:15 am

I’m sure the lefties will attempt to attack you in some way over this

Nope. Why would we attack Mike for doing the right thing, if only this once? Good behavior should be rewarded, and cutting Tracy loose is the right decision for any human.
# The Admiral Says:
November 11th, 2007 at 12:33 am

I am one of the contributing writers over on Anti-Strib. I read the post in question (didn’t write it) and quite frankly I’m surprised you fell victim to political correctness.

Whenever a truth is uncovered that is not particularly pleasant, it always turns to racism, or something else along those lines. This is one of those occasions.

When referring to the 9/11 attacks, do you think it is not appropriate to say it like it is, they were Islamic terrorists, or, do you use the sanitized politically correct school issued text book version, “a small group of extremists”?

As for me, I’d rather hear it, and tell it, like it is.
# Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
November 11th, 2007 at 12:55 am

Admiral: This has nothing to do with political correctness. The post I referenced on Anti-Strib is racist. You have every right to “…tell it, like it is”, but I don’t have to like it or promote it.

# Honeydog Says:
November 11th, 2007 at 5:27 am

Admiral, I’m an American Indian. (Notice I didn’t use the PC term for my people…) What Tracy wrote was clearly racist, hate filled, and had very little to do with the truth.

It will be interesting to see what other blogs do about this.