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Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Michele's Farm"

(Cross-posted at Dump Bachmann)


Lyrics by Ignatius P. Reilly,

I ain’t gonna work on Michele’s farm no more.
No, I ain’t gonna work on Michele’s farm no more.
Well, she wakes in the morning,
Folds her hands and pray for votes.
She’s got a head full of nothing
But Mac Hammond gives her hope.
It’s a shame the way she votes against the poor.
I ain’t gonna work on Michele's farm no more.

I ain’t gonna work for Michele’s kin no more.
No, I ain’t gonna work for Michele’s kin no more.
Well, he hands her a nickel,
He hands her a dime,
He hands her a check
When it’s farm subsidy time,
Then it’s back to D.C. while Marcus minds the store.
I ain’t gonna work for Michele’s kin no more.

I ain’t gonna work for Michele’s president no more.
No, I ain’t gonna work for Michele’s president no more.
Well, he invades a country
Based on lies and just for kicks.
His V.P.’s bunker
It is made out of bricks.
The National Guard he’s got ‘em fightin’ a war.
Ah, I ain’t gonna work for Michele’s president no more.

I ain’t gonna work for Michele’s hubby no more.
No, I ain’t gonna work for Michele’s hubby no more.
Well, he talks to all his patients
About gays and God and Michele
And if you don’t vote for her
You’re goin’ straight to hell.
They claim he’s straight but no one’s really sure.
I ain’t gonna work for Michele’s hubby no more.

I ain’t gonna work on Michele’s farm no more.
No, I ain’t gonna work on Michele’s farm no more.
Well, she tries her best
To collect those subsidies,
But tells everyone else
Not to be just like me.
And cash my checks while Marcus shops the stores.
I ain’t gonna work on Michele’s farm no more.

(apologies to Bob Dylan)

Kare 11 on Ritchie Flap

This aired last night.

It appears that the Secretary of State's office did enter the groups that participated in the Civic Engagement Project into a directory that was in an excel spreadsheet form. Emails from the office went to the groups. Later, there was an email from the campaign that promoted the fundraiser.

Democratic Party Chair Brian Melendez comes out of hiding to try to minimize Ritchie's actions.

Democratic Party chair Brian Melendez said the GOP's blowing an "honest mistake" out of proportion by trying to "manufacture a phony crisis."

Ritchie told KARE this experience has taught him, among other things, partisan bloggers, political parties and opposition lawmakers at times work in concert for a coordinated attack.

"There is a concerted strategy to try to paint me as partisan. I've run this office for nearly a year on a very nonpartisan basis."

That is certainly true, but he left himself open for this attack by giving his campaign his civic engagement list without going through proper channels.

Others react:

But Giga and many Republicans contend Ritchie crossed the line by giving his campaign names he collected in his official capacity as Secretary of State.

"Maybe one list or one group of names going to his campaign isn't a big deal," said Giga, "But if it's multiple groups and multiple lists then we've got a serious problem."

Dave Schultz, of Hamline University's Graduate School of Management, told KARE 11 even if there's no ironclad that any laws were violated it's still an issue of perception for Ritchie and anyone else who holds that position.

"Clearly secretaries of state as chief election officials have to be beyond reproach. And this doesn't look good."

Schultz said he believes Ritchie will weather this storm, but that he needs to clearly apologize to the public and assure constituents' information provided to the office under any circumstances can't be lent to his campaign or any others.

"You don't want to be contacting your state representative or your Secretary of State, and finding out you're now going to be solicited for a contribution."

As for apologies, the Secretary of State did not offer any to the citizens at large Wednesday. He pointed out the controversial newsletter went to thousands of other people who didn't complain.

"Keep in mind there's 12,000 people. So two people in 12,000 did not want to receive the newsletter. And I apologize if they did not want to receive the newsletter."

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Lying


Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan blames President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for efforts to mislead the public about the role of White House aides in leaking the identity of a CIA operative.

In an excerpt from his forthcoming book, McClellan recounts the 2003 news conference in which he told reporters that aides Karl Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby were "not involved" in the leak involving operative Valerie Plame.

"There was one problem. It was not true," McClellan writes, according to a brief excerpt released Tuesday. "I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest-ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice president, the president's chief of staff and the president himself."

I assume this will dominate the Sunday Talk Shows.

PZ Myers Explains the Stem Cell "Breakthrough"

He also comments:

This discovery is probably going to become a political football in short order, with the far right politicians who have restricted American research into embryonic stem cells claiming vindication. However, let's point out some realities here. Americans did not make this discovery; Japanese researchers did. It required understanding of gene expression in embryonic stem cells, an understanding that was hampered in our country. It's going to require much more confirmation and comparison between the induced pluripotent stem cells and embryonic stem cells as part of the process of making this technique useful — science doesn't take just one result from a few labs and accept it as gospel truth. And we definitely need to figure out better ways of switching the four genes on. Figuring that out will require more research into how organisms switch cells into the ES state in situ — we can't figure that out from these cells with inserted, artificial gene constructs.

Another essential point is that scientists are excited about this work because it opens up avenues for basic research into development and differentiation. These cells are NOT useable for therapies…the immediate, practical applications that the electorate wants from stem cell research. They also cannot be used for reproductive cloning, although that won't trouble most people. These are cells with retroviral infections, potential unknown mutations, and that have genetic modifications that make them prone to collapse into cancers. We are not going to be able to grow new organs and tissues for human beings from a few skin cells using this particular technique. It's going to take more work on embryonic stem cells to figure out how to take any cell from your body, and cleanly and elegantly switch it to a stem cell state that can be molded into any organ you need. What this work says is that yes, we'll be able to do that, it isn't going to be that difficult, and that we ought to be supporting more stem cell research right now so we can work out the details.

Or we can just sit back and let the Japanese and Europeans and Koreans do it for us, which is OK, I suppose. Just keep in mind that ceding the research to others means giving them a head start on the development of all the subsequent breakthroughs, too, and that what we're doing is willingly consigning US research in one of the most promising biomedical research fields ever to an also-ran, secondary status.

Read his whole post to get a well written explanation of what these scientists did.

Self Inflicted Wound

Re Mark Ritchie:


Ritchie said he had personally provided a copy of the directory to his campaign and requested that those on the list get a copy of his campaign's civic engagement newsletter. It has been distributed to about 12,000 individuals and groups whom he described as active in civic life in the state.

He said his campaign maintains a donor and potential contributor list that is separate from the newsletter list.

The newsletter "is distributed as an information source on civic engagement in Minnesota, not a vehicle for solicitation,'' Ritchie said.

But the Oct. 22 newsletter invites recipients to an upcoming fundraiser and links to Ritchie's campaign Web site for anyone wishing to donate to "help me cover my campaign related expenses for this year.''

Ritchie, who ran on a platform of keeping state election policy and politics separate, said he is taking steps to ensure that people can easily remove their names from the newsletter mailing list and that future editions will contain only news, not solicitations.

"The campaign should have checked with the groups and individuals who listed themselves in this public directory to make sure they wanted to receive my civic engagement newsletter,'' Ritchie said.

I haven't seen anyone defend what Ritchie did. Instead of allowing subscription opt outs, he should simply have his campaign subtract the email addresses of those who signed up at his civic engagement event.

Mark Ritchie was highly critical of Mary Kiffmeyer for the partisan way her office handled itself - and rightly so. So far, he seems to be as partisan - just the other way round.

Ritchie will alienate swing voters with this sort of thing.

We'll get endless posts from the Drama Queen on the topic of Mark Ritchie. Jim Boyd called it a big goof. It's been reported to the legislative auditor, and the auditor is investigating, and that's where I'd like to see it go right now.

Ritchie gave his campaign a list of participants in a state-sponsored civic-engagement event; his campaign then used the list to email those participants copies of Ritchie's campaign newsletter, which included a solicitation for political contributions. Then, when two Republicans complained, Ritchie appears to have simply lied: He initially said he did not know how the participants' email addresses got in the hands of his campaign. Now he acknowledges that he personally provided the list of addresses and requested that each person on it get a copy of his newsletter.

In the scheme of things, Ritchie's original transgression was not huge. Apparently the list was provided to a bunch of people and could be used by any of them for just about any purpose. But Ritchie isn't just anybody, and his excuse that the newsletter was mostly apolitical doesn't hold water. When he, in his capacity as a constitutional officer for the state of Minnesota, gathers people for a publicly funded event, those who attend should not need worry that signing a register will bring them unsolicited material from candidate Ritchie -- or from any candidate for that matter. If preventing that requires a rule change, Ritchie should see to making it, soon. As for his own campaign, he should make clear that this sort of transfer of material from Secretary of State Ritchie to candidate Ritchie won't happen again.

Which leaves the secondary offense, the lie. As so often happens in politics, Ritchie compounded a relatively minor lapse in judgment by lying about it. For that, candidate Richie will surely, and deservedly, be called to accounts by political opponents.

Response: Madia Comes Across as Strong Ally to the LGBT Community

I wrote earlier about Brandon Lacy Campos's LTE to the Minnesota Daily accusing Madia of Homophobia. This was republished on the Drama Queen's blog. Apparently Madia attended the Stonewall DFL Halloween Fundraiser and the other 3rd District DFL candidates were no shows. The question is whether Stonewall DFL made efforts to let candidates know about this fundraiser. For example, were 6th District candidates invited?

Ashwin Madia attended the Stonewall DFL Halloweeen Fundraiser and came across as a strong ally to the LGBT Community. He worked the room well by engaging almost everyone in the room in conversations at least twice before going around again to say goodbye to leave to another event. No other 3rd CD DFL candidates were there. He seems to be running a good campaign. I do not live in the 3rd CD, but I look forward to learning more about him and all candidates in that race.

-Del J.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dumb Idea

Pawlenty is calling for exempting military pay and pensions from the state income tax. I think this is a dumb idea. Everyone should pay taxes. Politicians won't speak against this because it becomes equivalent of criticizing veterans.

Al Franken is Annoying

I believe I've grabbed this one before the Drama Queen got it. DJ Danielson says it well:

Al Franken: Uh oh, I better put on the protective armor before MDE pulls quotes from me. Just kidding, of course. Franken is someone who bugs me in the sense that he comes across as someone who always needs to be the “rockstar,” which is understandable considering his celebrity past but isn’t what all people want in a US Senator. Other things that bugged me about Franken during the debate: putting his hands on other candidates (just made him look controlling), tossing it to Ciresi a couple of times when it was his turn to answer (as if he was the moderator), all of the “I know so-and-so in a certain situation and I’m going to use two-and-a-half minutes telling that story and 30 seconds giving my position” stories, and his use of so many jokes. I know he’s a comedian and the use of jokes gets people to laugh and like him, but does nothing to prove to me personally that he is a the best candidate for this job. One joke that did work was was the Richard Pearle reference to point out why a cabinet level department of peace wouldn’t work, but continuing to make fun of things like George W. Bush’s public speaking ability doesn’t help him. Any College Democrat can do that; we need something more out of a US Senate candidate.

Franken's type of humor isn't the type I am really into. When he spoke in Becker he made a huge point of talking about the importance of Chemical Dependency treatment programs, then he made a joke about Rush Limbaugh. We all know about Rush Limbaugh and the Oxycontin, but it takes away from Franken's so-called concern with those who struggle with chemical dependency.

Avidor Hits a Nerve

From Whine in the Dark:

Ken “Avidor” Weiner is apparently using the Strib’s “” to carry on his obsession with trying to “smear” regional conservatives with the most tenuous possible “guilt” by association.

From the comments:

# peevish Says:
November 19th, 2007 at 8:15 pm

Since Mitch only pointed out one “bobbled” fact, and that one was dubious, it seems to me this was more screed than critique. Mitch doesn’t like Weiner, Weiner doesn’t like Swift (and who does) - so Mitch makes sarcastic comments and says that the original point was an error, when really, it wasn’t, Mitch just didn’t like it.

Swiftee is more offensive than Yoss, and that’s hard to do, really hard, so much so that the only person lower than Yoss, is Swift. Coincidence? I think not.
# Mitch Says:
November 19th, 2007 at 8:36 pm

that one was dubious

Nope. There is no link between True North and theMNGOP. None. Zero. Zip.
# Lileks Says:
November 19th, 2007 at 8:55 pm

How long will the Strib allow Ken Weiner to use their house blog as his therapeutic sounding board?”

Until he violates the TOS, ignores warnings, and violates them again, I’d say. As with anyone else. I did remove a picture he’d taken from Swiftee’s site of Swiftee flipping the bird, since that did violate the site’s standards.

# swiftee Says:
November 19th, 2007 at 9:36 pm

Hey, we should really cut Weiner some slack.

It’s got to be hard out there these days for a guy whose artistic acknowledgements rise and fall on the ability of thirteen year old boys to get their hands on third rate smut magazines.

That being said, Weiner should have known about the Strib’s “no shirt, no service” policy…I guess maybe I should take a new “Hiya lefties!” picture while wearing a nice collar and tie ;-)

“Swiftee is more offensive than Yoss” Heh….every time a moonbat writes that I gain the strength to face another day of ripping their their pointy little heads off (figuratively speaking, of course).
# Lileks Says:
November 19th, 2007 at 10:05 pm

Heh. Even if you were in a tux, Swiftee, I’d have taken the picture down - swiping personal pictures from other people’s sites isn’t kosher.

That photo of Tom Swift in the undershirt flipping the bird is all over the blogosphere.

Flash comments:

# flash Says:
November 20th, 2007 at 11:22 am

“no link between True North and theMNGOP”

The Link between True North and the MNGOP is stronger then any Soros link to MN Monitor you could ever make up. The Simple fact there is admitted current and/or former BPOU officers and/or MNGOP officials on the writers list is enough to prove that

However, I do believe there is no direct collaboration between the MNGOP and TN, at least not for now. Its still early in the campaign season.

As for your pissing contest with Avidor, you just make him more credible every time you post on him. Not following your strategy yet, but it is a soap opera in itself. I tend to simply ignore people I think nothing of, rather that trumpet multiple posts how they mean nothing. Seems kind of junior highish actually. But it does spike your hit meter and gets your loyalist all in a lather, so maybe there is something there for ya.


# Mitch Says:
November 20th, 2007 at 12:02 pm

True North and the MNGOP is stronger then any Soros link to MN Monitor you could ever make up.


Did TrueNorth ever use GOP office space?

is admitted current and/or former BPOU officers and/or MNGOP officials on the writers list is enough to prove

OF COURSE there’s an ideological link! It’s a conservative blog with Republican tendencies! Most of us (not all) are open about our sympathies!

But there is NO financial, NO editorial, NO content connection between the two.

Whereas, as has been demonstrated, there is at least a credible suggestion of at least a financial connection between the CIM and Soros - a connection that nobody at the Monitor has given the faintest reason to deny.

# flash Says:
November 20th, 2007 at 12:23 pm

Yes, members of TrueNorth have used GOP office space.

Please don’t ignore my statement:

“I do believe there is no direct collaboration between the MNGOP and TN”

I also know that MN Monitor is totally Independent, and you saying otherwise is not only blatantly false, but is simply ridiculous to assume.

# Yossarian Says:
November 20th, 2007 at 12:44 pm

“I also know that MN Monitor is totally Independent”

Proof please. Otherwise, well, I just be over here laughing maniacally at that assertion.
# flash Says:
November 20th, 2007 at 1:38 pm

I provide the same proof Mitch does, because I said so, and, well, in my case, its true! See, MItch is the same guy who will claim MDE is independent even after FEC reports came out showing he was on the dole of campaigns he was consistently writing about on his ‘personal’ blog.

All have ever asked is for someone, anyone, to pick a standard and apply it to both sides and see what shakes out. For now, the only standard Mitch uses is the ‘because I said so’ standard.

But coming from one of the members of ScaifeNet, what would you expect.


# Mitch Says:
November 20th, 2007 at 2:21 pm

For now, the only standard Mitch uses is the ‘because I said so’ standard

Look, if you think you have something on Brodkorb, take it up with him. I’m not his keeper, and I have no stake in MDE (other than its contribution to the NARN - which is exceptional).

I AM a stakeholder in TN. You said TN had a connection to the GOP comparable to the stake Soros demonstrably has in MM4A and, as it would appear, in CIM/MinMon. Other than the fact that a bunch of Republicans write for a blog that is obstreporously conservative, you gots nothin’.

If I’m such a Scaifer, please tell Dick to start ponying up.
# flash Says:
November 20th, 2007 at 2:34 pm

“”ther than the fact that a bunch of Republicans write for a blog that is obstreporously conservative, you gots nothin’.”"

That right, the same nothing’ you have, using the same standard anyway.

And what I said was, the connection was no different and, in fact, using your standard, far more demonstrably provable than your connect the dot to dot to dot, etc.

I also have enough respect for the professionalism of TN to further state “I do believe there is no direct collaboration between the MNGOP and TN” as I have the same for MN Mon. You want one way without giving the other.

“If I’m such a Scaifer, please tell Dick to start ponying up.”

For starters, he built Town Hall for ya, what more do you want.


# Mitch Says:
November 20th, 2007 at 2:52 pm

That right, the same nothing’ you have, using the same standard anyway.

Unless you can show that TN ever got material benefit from being associated with the GOP - as CIM most definitely did! - then it’s really just “cuz I say so”.

You want one way without giving the other.

Not at all. I merely have evidence of “the other”, evidence to which MNMon and CIM have never answered.

TN has been rigorously open about its finances (there are none!). MNMon can not say the same.

Mitch Berg isn't happy about the True North comparisons. Some of True North's nutty cast of characters make the Republican Party of Minnesota look bad. Flash made an excellent point about Town Hall - which the NARNians use as their podcast storage site.

Is Berg personally getting paid for any of this? No, and I wouldn't expect him to be beyond advertising revenue and the occasional speaking fee when he speaks to a Republican party organization.

Good Play in Michele Bachmann's Backyard


Friday, November 30, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, December 1, 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, December 2, 2 p.m.

Northern Vineyards Winery, 223 N. Main Street, Stillwater

Theatre Associates of Stillwater presents, "Sex Across the Curriculum" at Northern Vineyards Winery in downtown Stillwater. This performance features a disgruntled high school sex ed teacher who throws abstinence-only curriculum out the window, and tells the kids what she always wanted them to know. This performance is written and performed by Jen Tuder. Mature content. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students. Reserve your tickets by calling 651-439-0993. They are also available at Northern Vineyards Winery, by mail, and at the door if seats remain. Ticket purchasers receive 10% discount coupon for several downtown restaurants. For more information, go to

Does Fawning LTE Writer Work for Developer Jerry Trooien, and Promote the Developer's Project in a LTE?

Jerry Trooien is the developer who is after hundreds of millions in subsidies for the Bridges project in St Paul.

I've heard that Kurt Williamson who wrote a fawning letter about Jerry Trooien in the Pioneer Press Saturday is employed by JLT Group Inc., Trooien's company.

St. Paul needs Trooien

Who is this Paul Bartlett who misrepresents and misunderstands The Bridges of Saint Paul project ("Bridges decision showed sense," Nov. 8)? He says Jerry Trooien and his fellow St. Paulites owe the mayor and city council a great big thank-you because "the city would owe more than $100 million of TIF debt that it would never collect ...". The city would never owe anything for the TIF if the project was built and even if there were defaults. Mr. Bartlett also says, "Trooien would be sitting on top of more than a thousand vacant condos ...". Mr. Bartlett has no idea how the project would be financed. Those condos would never be built without significant pre-sales. Mr. Bartlett has no clue as to whether this project was "ill-conceived."

As for Jerry Trooien, he seems to be the best hope this city has for someone with brains, guts and the know-how to make things happen.

St. Paul

There is a Kurt Williamson listed on JLT's website as a property manager.

Is this the same Kurt Williamson that works for Jerry Trooien? If so, his employer's name should have been noted in the letter.

The Pioneer Press normally catches this sort of thing when they publish letters to the editor. They pointed out that I wrote for the Dump Bachmann blog, when they published a LTE by me about Bachmann.

Madia Accused of Homophobia, Campaign Responds

This conversation occurred in the Minnesota Daily several weeks ago, and now is occurring again on Michael Brodkorb's blog. Brandon Lacy Campos sent a LTE to the Minnesota Daily where he accused 3rd District Candidate, Ash Madia of homophobia, when he served as President of the Minnesota Student Association.

Let's hope people can change

If you need more proof that nothing in the world happens by chance, I submit to you that it has literally been years since I read the Daily. I happened to pick up Tuesday's Daily and saw the article concerning former MSA President Ashwin Madia ("Former MSA president vies for Congress," Oct. 30), who was known as Jigar Madia while a student at the U.

I about choked on my lunch when I saw that Jigar was running as a DFLer. As MSA President, Jigar was an active member of the College Republicans, virulently homophobic and a staunch enemy of mandatory student fees. He was no friend to the cultural centers. In essence, he was the perfect conservative poster child.

I was a member of MSA and was once given an award by Jigar as having the best knowledge of the MSA Constitution and By-Laws, which I used (constantly) to stop Jigar and his friends from gutting free speech and freedom of expression, in as much as MSA had such power (mainly through the vehicle of the Student Service Fees Committee).

I believe all people have the ability to change. And I hope that Jigar's, excuse me, Ashwin's are much more than a change in preferred name and other cosmetic expressions.

Brandon Lacy Campos
former CLA Student Senator
CLA Class of 2001

A response

I write in response to Brandon Lacy Campos’s letter in Thursday’s Daily in which he reminisced about old political battles and described me as “virulently homophobic.” Some name-calling comes with the territory of running for office, but other names are so beyond the pale that they demand a response.

I am not, and have never been, a homophobe. I was particularly upset by this phrase given my strong progressive positions on LGBT issues. During my time in MSA, I tried to have an inclusive leadership style and was proud that I had supporters from many different communities at the University - including the LGBT community. In fact, political adversaries of mine described my supporters and governing coalition as a “motley crew” of liberals, moderates and conservatives. I took pride in the broad based support of my administration that spanned across the divides of politics, race, ethnicity and sexuality.

If Campos had asked me my views on the LGBT community prior to writing his letter, I would have told him about how, as a Marine Corps lawyer, I defended a gay Marine against the military’s bigoted and shameful “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. I would have told him with pride about my unconditional support for a person very close to me who has recently come out. I also would have told him about my strong belief in full equal rights for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans.

After sending his letter to the Daily, Campos contacted people within the LGBT community who actually know me to ask their views of me. After learning the truth about my position on LGBT rights, he wrote me the following in an e-mail: “I’m writing to, basically, to say best of luck with your campaign. I’ve read your Web site, and I think you will be an excellent addition to the U.S. Congress.” Campos and I have talked with each other and reconciled - I consider him a friend who is helping with my campaign. I hope that he considers me a friend as well.

Our country faces a bloody war in Iraq, spiraling budget deficits, widespread lack of health insurance, failing schools and the looming threat of global warming. We need to work together as a nation - heterosexuals and members of the LGBT community alike - to address these problems and move our country forward.

Jigar Ashwin Madia
former president, MSA DFL candidate for Congress

To the Madia campaign's credit, they immediately responded on Brodkorb's blog, rather than wait for this to fester. I do have a gay friend in the DFL who is extremely impressed with Madia. I'd find it difficult to believe this person would be impressed with a homophobe.

Rachel Paulose lecture at U of M postponed

University News Service

Today’s Rachel Paulose lecture at U of M has been postponed.

(11/20/2007) -- Today's program at the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute featuring Rachel Paulose has been postponed. Please watch the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance website at for information as we seek to reschedule this event.

.... into the wayback machine we go...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Seventh Son/Michael Barrett: The Soap Opera Continues

In our last episode, Seventh Son confirmed his identity as Michael Barrett, denied trying to hide his identity and removed all references to Michael Brodkorb or MDE from his post. If Barrett wasn't trying to mask his identity, why did neither his True North bio, or Seventh Son profile include his name?

After leaving another follow up question, Barrett aka the Seventh Son has now deleted and removed comments from his hysterical frothing: Tear Down This Wall. In that post he compared Michael Brodkorb to:

  • Genghis Khan

  • Timur the Lame

  • Ivan the Terrible

  • Julius Caesar

  • Stalin

  • Hitler (indirect reference)

Barrett concluded with this rallying cry:

So like Ronald Reagan before me, I will stand with my back to his Wall and remind him with the same words. "Yes, this Wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The Wall cannot withstand freedom (of conservative thought).

Mr. Brodkorb, tear down this Wall!*"

Mr. Barrett, with all due respect, you are no Ronald Reagan.

*The Brodkorb sentence was removed after I wrote about this post, and posted a question in his comments.

Developing. . .

Seventh Son confirms Identity as Michael Barrett; Removes References to Michael Brodkorb in his post

After I posted about Michael Barrett's hysterical rant that appeared to compare Michael Brodkorb to a number of unsavory historical figures, and asked Barrett a clarifying question on his blog, Barrett removed the reference to Michael Brodkorb and MDE:

Therefore, I can't in good conscience continue to list MDE as a recommended read and will remove it from my blogroll. I continue to believe in freedom of conservative thought and expression.


Mr. Brodkorb, tear down this Wall!

Barrett also answered my questions and denied that Michael Brodkorb's post that was critical of the infamous Eberly rant inspired his bilge:

SeventhSon said...

Vague? In your world maybe. For those of us who's not.

You are way off base on the reason for the post. It has nothing to do with the Eberle [sic] post. I also disagree with the tone of the Eberle [sic] rant, but I accept his freedom to do so.

And Eva, it's really no secret who I am.

Thanks for the lefty troll visit. Please go back to your other conspiracy theories.

November 19, 2007 8:58 PM
SeventhSon said...


Almost forgot. All opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of anyone else, nor any other organization.

I want to make sure that's clear.
November 19, 2007 9:00 PM

I stopped by and followed up:

lloydletta said...

Why did you remove the references to Brodkorb?

November 19, 2007 9:54 PM

Developing. . .

Seventh Son Calls on Michael Brodkorb to "Tear Down This Wall"

His comparisons are overwrought, and rather hysterical. He was upset about Michael Brodkorb's post calling out Tracy Eberly on his post: Dirt Worshiping Heathens.

In today's Minnesota, we apparently have someone stepping forward to crown themself as the new Czar of conservative thought. Like Caesar, he has chosen to place the laurel wreath upon his own head. And like the Russian Czars he lives in his own walled Kremlin of his mind and has even gathered his own Strelsi to dispatch to put down any dissent. He has seemingly determined that he alone will decide who are good conservatives and who are not.

What's the result? Thought control.

I believe, and always will believe, that what sets us apart from the liberals is that we can choose to disagree about ideas and still remain respectful and still remain good Republicans. The liberals believe you may only express thoughts that agree with theirs. If you don't they will attack you, belittle you and seek to drive you out. Little does our new Czar of conservatism realize it, but he is seeking to do to us the same thing the liberals are. I don't believe we need these Stalinist tactics from someone suddenly claiming to be the sole repository of correct conservative thought. Sorry, but I'll accept this approach only when 'pigs fly'. Therefore, I can't in good conscience continue to list MDE as a recommended read and will remove it from my blogroll. I continue to believe in freedom of conservative thought and expression.

So like Ronald Reagan before me, I will stand with my back to his Wall and remind him with the same words. " Yes, this Wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The Wall cannot withstand freedom (of conservative thought).

Mr. Brodkorb, tear down this Wall!"

So is Mr Seventh Son saying that Tracy Eberly's post is the best conservatism has to offer?

UPDATE: Seventh Son writes on True North. From his bio on the True North site:

Seventh Son


The Seventh Son

Who: Pharmacist, federalist libertarian conservative

What: Former U.S. Congressional candidate, MN CD-7
Current RPM State Executive Vice Chair

I left this comment on his blog:

Interesting - and also a bit vague. I'm assuming you are talking about the much talked about post of Michael Brodkorb saying he was removing his link to anti-strib due to the Dirt Worshiping Heathens post authored by Tracy Eberly.

Also, I'm assuming, considering your bio on True North, that you must be Michael Barrett, who ran against Collin Peterson. The bio gives your occupation and history, but doesn't give your name - but who else is a pharmacist who ran against Peterson, and also serves on the RPM executive committee?

Developing. . .