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Thursday, November 29, 2007

If Annette Meeks' Lips Are Moving, I Guess It's True

That great original thinker, Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten served up a breathless report on a 'new' initiative led by Annette Meeks:

By Katherine Kersten, Star Tribune

Last update: November 29, 2007 – 9:24 AM

The conservative movement in Minnesota is on life support -- or so the common wisdom goes. Lots of folks predict that the 2008 elections will pull the plug.
So why is conservative activist Annette Meeks brimming with optimism? She is launching a new organization, the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, to lead the movement's charge into the future -- and she believes that the future is bright.

Is Meeks whistling in the dark? After all, liberals dominate the Minnesota Legislature and the state's constitutional offices, while our center-right governor held on by his fingernails in the 2006 elections.

"I'll bet there are more Minnesotans who call themselves conservative, libertarian or free market today than in 1980, when Ronald Reagan was elected president," Meeks responded. "But people are dispirited because they conflate election cycles with the health of the conservative movement, and they get their news from the Chinese water torture -- the steady drip, drip -- of the liberal media. The conservative movement transcends that. It's a vision of personal responsibility, economic freedom and limited government."

The 2008 elections are not her focus. "I care more about shaping the size and scope of Minnesota government over the next decade," she said.

Meeks, my former colleague at the Center of the American Experiment, calls her new organization a "think tank with muscle," and says it will focus solely on state issues. "We won't solve the problem of Social Security privatization or ending the Iraq war here in Minnesota," she said. "We're going where the real action is -- we're going local."

The Freedom Foundation's mission is to provide intellectual ammunition for center-right ground troops in the war of ideas. It will arm legislators with information about innovative, free-market solutions to problems like crime and traffic congestion.

It will do "aggressive outreach" with the media. "We'll be a rapid response team when legislators make outrageous claims," Meeks. said. "We'll say, 'Stop, the data don't support that.'"

The foundation's website ( will soon guide citizens through the labyrinth of state and local government finances so they can learn where their tax dollars are going in order to judge the credibility of cries for ever-higher taxes.

"Most Minnesotans are happy with our quality of life, but the debate at the Legislature is always about spending more money," Meeks said. "If you listen to some legislators, you'd think we're spending down to the level of Mississippi, with services to match."

Annette Meeks was a vocal supporter of the Hennepin County Twins Stadium swindle, so she has no credibility when it comes to lecturing the rest of us about keeping government small.

Put your stone tablets away, Annette. We're not interested in your pearls of wisdom.

Uptake Video on You Tube Republican Debate

From the The Uptake:

MN GOP Chair Rips CNN For Debate Format And Questions From Gay Brigadier General

The UpTake’s Bretton Jones dropped in on last night’s Republican Presidential debate watch party hosted by Twin Cities right wing talk station AM1280 “The Patriot”. Republicans at the party gave the debate format mixed reviews. Minnesota Republican Chair Ron Carey said the debate gave voice to questions that were “absurd” and “quirky”.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Former Republican Congressional Candidate, Michael Barrett Booted Off True North for Plagiarism

Avidor has the scoop over at Minnesota Mobsters Exposed. A blog, double plus undead posted about plagiarism by Barrett and noted my reports on the Michael Barrett Soap Opera earlier this month:

Pat continued to dig to see what else he could find out about The Seventh Son, and soon came across where Seventh Son got into a feud with left-leaning blogger lloydletta, who focuses on news in Minnesota. What's funny is, it looks like llyodletta totally got the better of Seventh Son, and that may have prompted Seventh Son to shut down his comments and cut off contact. Seventh Son, as I'm sure you can figure out from the title of the post and the links in his blog, is also from Minnesota. lloydletta also gave us his name, The Seventh Son is in fact Michael Barrett.

The Republican Party of Minnesota is looking into the Plagiarism allegations:

I Have a Plagiarist, So Do Lots of Others...He's a Vice Chairman of the Minnesota GOP! *Sticky'd, Scroll Down to Read the Rest of My Crappy Blog*

***Update: I've received a response from the MN GOP, noting they are looking into our allegations.

The Republican Party of Minnesota has removed the link to Seventh Son's blog. Barrett is still listed as a "State Vice Chair - CD 7".

Before getting known for plagiarism, Barrett became famous for pushing for a bill to allow Pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for Emergency Contraception.

The story has hit Ace of Spades which quotes Barrett's apology prior to taking his site down.

Hal Kimball takes us on a trip down memory lane about Barrett's congressional campaign.

h, the memories...

Parades in Litchfield, Glencoe, Silver Lake, and Stewart with big blue signs that said "Stop the Invasion."

Forums in Glencoe and Hutchinson where Barrett's platform was nearly 100% anti-immigration based.

Grandstanding at Ridgewater College to announce a "major policy statement" where he announced a plan for higher education that left higher education lobbyists, students, and faculty alike wondering what they had just witnessed.

Ah, the memories of our favorite "bat shit crazy" Congressional candidate not named Bachmann.

Mob Parrot Mitch Berg weighs in on this, with a self-righteous post about a "code of ethics." Normally blogs link to posts so people can go view them for themselves. Berg does that sometimes, when he cites a post from Lloydletta or Dump Bachmann. More often, he will not link to the post, then misrepresent the content.

I will miss the Seventh Son blog. It was providing regular material here.

I hope the sex was fantastic

The Minnesota Legislative Auditor's report on Sonia Morphew Pitt is on-line. It's juicy reading:

While bridges fell and families mourned a terrible loss, while our friends and neighbors suffered spinal and orthopaedic injuries from which they will never recover, while divers searched for bodies in dark, turbulent water, while the national media descended on Minneapolis and St. Paul to cover a tragic, juicy, story....

Sonia Morphew Pitt couldn't find time to return to the Twin Cities, nor did Carol Molnau muster up the nerve to demand her return, so that she could do her job.

No, Sonia Morphew Pitt whored around the country with her boyfriend, on the public dime. I hope the out of wedlock fornication was fantastic, if it's costing the state of Minnesota $26k.

The report is pretty good reading. Here's my favorite paragraph:

In assessing how Ms. Pitt was able to circumvent the department’s controls, MnDOT officials and staff frequently referred to her "aggressive" and "belligerent" behavior. However, MnDOT management had a responsibility to maintain internal controls that could not be subverted or manipulated by an employee who used intimidation to achieve inappropriate benefits. Rather than acquiescing to Ms. Pitt’s behavior by processing unauthorized payments, providing her with a monthly purchase card limit of $5,000, accommodating expensive changes to her travel plans, and increasing the available minutes on her cell phone plan, MnDOT managers should have more closely monitored and reviewed her activity and better protected the state’s resources.

Madame Pitt's enthusiastic gluttony at the public trough is shocking, but I'm even more angry that nobody managed her.

Resign, Carol Molnau. You're totally inept at leading a state agency.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It Appears Tracy Eberly is Standing By His Post

David Strom's wife, Margaret Martin wrote a defense of Tracy Eberly's infamous Dirt Worshiping Heathens post over at AntiStrib. Commenting over at Whine in the Dark Tracy Eberly, seems to still be defending his post:

# Tracy E Says:
November 27th, 2007 at 4:12 pm

Badda is a legend in his own mind. Original content like Margaret’s can flow over pages. Fisking a BS letter to the editor should be short and to the point.

The Minions are a bit unhappy that I have editited (sic) more as our fame has grown exponentially after my now infamous rant on the Heathens.

When one lefties takes on the substance of the post and not the style, I’ll pay attention. Their screams of racism are so boring at this point that I now just assume the screamer is your average, feeble minded liberal without an idea in his head.

Loosestrife at Minneapolis Upside Down, and Avidor at Minnesota Mobster's Exposed comment.

Ray Cox Running for Neuville's Seat

Tom Neuville R, Northfield, has been appointed to a judge position. Ray Cox is planning on running for his seat. If Cox wins, this would replace an anti-gay Republican with someone who has a history of voting against the Bachmann amendment. During his time as state representative, Cox focused on environmental issues.

From the Governor's Press room:


Faribault – Governor Tim Pawlenty today announced the appointment of Thomas M. Neuville to a Third Judicial District trial court bench vacancy in the city of Faribault in Rice County. The vacancy occurred with the retirement of the Honorable Gerald J. Wolf on September 14, 2007.

Neuville, of Northfield, is an attorney and partner with Grundhoefer, Neuville and Ludescher in Northfield, where he has practiced since 1976. He has served as the Dundas City Attorney since 1990, was the Lonsdale City Attorney from 1978 to 1980, a part-time contract assistant state public defender from 1985 to 1996, and a part-time contract assistant Rice County public defender from 1977 to 1985.

“Tom has experience with a wide variety of cases, has solid legal skills, a congenial style, and a strong commitment to his community,” Governor Pawlenty said.

Neuville is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, where he serves on the Elder, Family, and Criminal Law Sections; and is a member of the Supreme Court committee established to review the rules of judicial standards. He was a member of the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association, Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, has served on two judicial selection subcommittees, as well as a task force on criminal sentencing and prisons; and has been a lecturer at continuing legal education seminars on child support laws, and legislative changes to Minnesota’s sexual offender laws.

Neuville is serving his sixth term as a Minnesota state Senator, where he represents Senate District 25. He has been a member of the Senate since 1990, is the ranking minority member of the Public Safety Budget Division, and serves on the Business, Industry and Jobs; Finance; and Judiciary Committees. He is also a member of the Northfield Rotary Club, and the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce, where he served as president in 1986-87, and was named Northfield Businessperson of the year this year.

Neuville, 57, was born in Marinette, Wisconsin, and lives in Northfield with his wife, Marilynn. They have five children, Mark, John, Anne, Luke, and Meg, and two grandchildren, Sam, and Lucy.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I'd highly recommend Beowulf. It's the first time I've seen something with the Imax 3D.

Creationist Movie Coming Up

It's called Expelled, and PZ Myers was interviewed for the movie under false pretenses. Preview at Pharyngula.