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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Chris Truscott Comments on Mark Ritchie

He's got a new blog.

The GOP made absolutely no effort to hide the fact the new secretary of state’s every move would be scrutinized, and transgressions, real and imagined, would be used for political fodder.

The writing was on the wall before he even took the oath of office.

But in his first year on the job, Ritchie has handed the GOP a golden opportunity to scream bloody hypocrisy from the rooftop of the State Office Building. Sadly, it appears they’re justified in their outrage.

In short, two Republicans who attended an official Secretary of State Office function wound up receiving e-mail from the Ritchie campaign. Then, after preaching transparency as a candidate, officeholder Ritchie was less than forthcoming in his explanation of events. Now he’s gone into hiding from the Capitol press corps.

What in the world are Minnesotans supposed to think?

It doesn’t look good. In fact, coming from the elected official who voters expect to be the least partisan, it’s downright atrocious.

Ritchie’s move was either sinister or na├»ve – and it was absolutely beyond stupid. It’s political idiocy of the highest order.

It doesn’t matter what Kiffmeyer did while she was in office. Voters fired her. She isn’t accountable to the public unless she wins another election.

Ritchie, however, should be taken to task.

Chris also contributed this item to MN Campaign Report. The item was not promoted.

Minnesota Family Council Exploits Tom Prichard's Cancer Diagnosis to Raise Money

From the Minnesota Family Council:

Special Prayer Request
from MFC
December 6, 2007

Dear Friend of Minnesota Family Council,

I'm writing to you as a supporter of MFC to request prayer for Tom Prichard and his family. As you know, Tom has been with the Minnesota Family Council for many years, and has been a valiant warrior in defense of the family, working diligently to advance biblical principles in the public arena, all that time.

Tom was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL), an aggressive cancer of the lymph system. NHL is usually very responsive to chemotherapy, which is the normal treatment for this type of cancer. He will be starting six months of chemotherapy treatments soon.

We would very much appreciate your prayers for Tom and his family. Please pray for them through the six-month treatment process ahead. Specifically, for strength to endure the treatments, the ability to continue to be effective during the upcoming legislative session, and for Tom's healing and full recovery.

Tom shares the following:

"The discovery of cancer recently was a definite surprise given I've been in good health. I'm at peace with my circumstances, because I'm convinced the Lord is definitely in control. I plan to keep working though I know chemo treatments will force some time off here and there. I would certainly appreciate your ongoing prayers for healing and a speedy recovery."

On behalf of Tom and his family, and all of us at Minnesota Family Council, thank you for your prayers and continued support during this time. We thank God for your partnership with us for the sake of His Kingdom.

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; give thanks in all circumstances!

Blessings this Christmas and always,

John Helmberger, CEO
Minnesota Family Council

"For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich." (2 Corinthians 8:9)

Click Here to make a donation to the Minnesota Family Council / Minnesota Family Institute.

This is one of the crassest things I've read. It would be different if this was a fundraising appeal to help with the Prichard family's special circumstances during the treatment.

Archbishop to Katherine Kersten - 'Don't Try to Help Us'

Hilarious LTE in Saturday's Star Tribune - Archbishop Harry Flynn calls out Kersten:

Letter of the day: Archbishop responds to Kersten column
Last update: December 7, 2007 - 6:35 PM

Katherine Kersten's column of Dec. 4 ("Battle for soul of St. Thomas takes a turn for the worse") was an inaccurate and slanted portrayal of the current and future Catholicity of the University of St. Thomas.

I simply wish to make two points about the statement she quoted as being from our "Archdiocesan spokesman":

First, the statement we e-mailed and faxed to her was headlined as being a "Statement of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis." It came from me, not from our "spokesman."

Second, and more important, Kersten used only the first sentence of my statement in her column. The other two sentences were ignored. They read as follows: "The Saint Thomas board will always include bishops or priests. Any rumors or speculation about the 'de-Catholicization of the University of Saint Thomas are ill founded, inaccurate and ludicrous.'"

The editing of my statement leaves open to question her motivation in writing this one-sided and inaccurate column.


Katherine - what was your motivation?

Eva adds: Kersten should issue a correction of that column. The Strib should insist that she do so.

Here is the problem paragraph:

St. Thomas "always has been and always will be a Catholic university," said archdiocesan spokesman Dennis McGrath in a statement.

As Flynn stated, the statement was from Flynn and not from McGrath the spokesman.

Ill founded, inaccurate and ludicrous are good descriptors of Katherine Kersten's drivel - most of which she doesn't write herself.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Did Mitt Do Himself In?

I'm intrigued by the follow up chatter re: Mormon Mitt's last ditch appeal to Christian conservatives in Iowa.

NOW I'm hearing that the minute theological details of a person's faith don't matter in politics, and we shouldn't worry about it.


The Book of Mormon, attributed to Joseph Smith, was supposedly transcribed from gold plates that were buried for 1400 years near Palmyra, NY, until the angel Moroni appeared to a 17 year old Joseph Smith in 1823 to let him know about the tablets. The angel further instructed Joseph to return to the spot on the same day every year, until *finally* in 1826, the angel told him that if Joseph 'would Do right according to the will of God he might obtain (the plates) the 22nd day of September next and if not he never would have them'. Joseph also learned that in order to be given the plates, God required that he marry a girl named Emma Hale and bring her along on his next visit to the hill, in September 1827.

Joseph obeyed, and recovered the 5 gold plates a year later. The plates gave an account of former inhabitants of the continent (e.g. Adam, Eve, and Jesus), and were written in dead language known as 'reformed Egyptian'. Moroni was nice enough to provide Joseph with 'interpreters', i.e. divinely endowed eyeglasses that would allow him to read the plates and translate it into English.

Among its many revelations was that Jesus traveled to North America after his resurrection to spread the good news among the ancient, warring tribes.

Joseph Smith was later given a revelation that the Garden of Eden was actually in America. How about that?

* This historical information comes from the Jon Krakauer book, 'Under the Banner of Heaven'*

The Osmond family, Mitt Romney, and the rest of the Mormons hold up the Book of Mormon on an equal basis with the Old and New Testament of the Christian Bible. For those Christians who believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and without error, this Book of Mormon is problematic, to say the least.

What do the theocrats want? If the Mormon Mitt were to get the GOP nomination, his speech would be parsed out and replayed with disastrous results during the general election season. For one thing, an agnostic or atheist has no place in Mitt-World.

If we're now being told that the theological details don't matter, than I have a proposal for the social conservatives. Put your Bible down, and just tell the rest of us:

No abortions, but the death penalty might be okay
We need to be afraid, very afraid, of immigrants, scientists, homosexuals, Muslims, etc.
The war in Iraq is necessary and good.
Government intervention in personal matters re: end of life decisions is necessary and good.

and on and on....

Tell us you support these positions because they're what you believe deep in your heart... it is who you are. It's okay to hold those positions - I would always support that freedom of expression. But stop claiming that God is on your side, as there seems to be considerable differences of opinion re: what God has been saying.

UPDATE: the latest Newsweek poll shows Rev. Huckabee with a 2-1 lead in Iowa over Mormon Mitt.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Comments from Brodkorb's Site on the Ray Cox Endorsement

# Dan Says:
December 5th, 2007 at 10:11 pm

Sue Jeffers is a leading conservative activist, and Vice President of the Twin Cities Republican Association (TCRA), not as Bernie asserts, the “Libertarian’s Leading Lady.”

Ray Cox is no conservative. His opponent, Glenn Gruenhagen is. Ray’s Taxpayer’s League score was somewhere in the twenties (out of 100 possible) when he was in the House. Worse track record on fiscal conservatism than many Democrats. It’s a shame. Makes me wonder where the Republican Party is going, and if I still want to be a part of it.

# Burnsville Bernie Says:
December 5th, 2007 at 11:24 pm

Sue Jeffers has questionable conservative credentials and NO Republican credentials.

The committee at the State Convention found Harold Shudlick worthy of running as a Republican but the Libertarian’s Leading Lady, Sue Jeffers, did not make the cut.

Why? Because she was/is not a Republican. The Twin Cities Republican Association is not recognized by the Republican Party (not by the local, state, or national GOP).

As far as Cox: he represented his area very well. The Tax Payers League is an irrelevant entity — they cherry pick votes to try to make themselves seem important. No one listens to them.

I heard you guy, Gruenhagen, as a sore loser and took shots at Cox after the votes were announced. And some kook from La Sueur County pretty much had to be restrained because he was yelling like a blathering idiot.

“real conservatives” — riiiiiight.


Sonia Pitt thinks she deserves her job back.

I hear part of the reason she's doing this is to get her story out there, and try to discourage efforts to collect the money she stole and discourage any efforts to press criminal charges.

Money quote:

Legislative Auditor Jim Nobles, whose office issued the report on Pitt, said Wednesday that she had been invited to present her story before his office issued its findings, provided she did so under oath. "She refused to do that," he said.

Logical One Silent on Question, but Savage Republican Tries to Explain

From the comments to our previous episode on Cindy Whitehair, the Logical One and True North "nucleus".

Savage Republican said...

I let LL answer what her meaning was herself.

But this is a common false claim against Christians.

No one is calling for the Death Penalty for sin.
The Bible says the penalty for sin is death.
As a Christian we know that the penalty has been paid for all who believe by the death and resurrection of Jesus.
Thus John's statement not that unbelief is the only sin, but that without belief there is no guarantee of forgiveness.

So no one is calling for death penalty for anyone.
But also is not suggesting that just because our sins have been forgiven that we continue to sin.
Though as a believer we know that we all sin and all continue to ask for forgiveness.

This is not that hard to understand.
The bible is pretty easy to read, suggest you do it sometime.

9:18 PM
Savage Republican said...

Also Markh there are other sins mentioned in John.
Adultery for one (John 8)
Jesus forgives her sin but also commands her to leave her life of sin.
John 8:11
"Then neither do I condemn you," Jesus declared. "Go now and leave your life of sin.

John has many mentions of the law of Moses and how Jesus paid the price of the law.

9:38 PM
Avidor said...

What do you think Jews should do about Leviticus 20:13?

7:51 AM
Savage Republican said...

avidor, that is a good and difficult question for a Christian to answer.

My understanding is that they are still bound by the Law.

As a believer in Christ, my obligations to ritual laws have been fulfilled with Christ's coming and my debt to moral laws have been paid with his death (though I am still required to obey them, with the help of God). I also am not required to do those things to identify myself as part of God's chosen people (The, I will be your God, you will be my People part) - again, because my belief in Christ and his resurrection has full filed those promises in the covenant.

Our Jewish brothers are bound by the covenant God made with them and the duties and rituals proscribed.
I would ask your Rabbi what is needed for those who have not kept the covenant.

That is the great strength I have from my knowledge that my debt has been paid. I do not have to worry if I will be forgiven, for I know it is has already been granted. (But remembering the command to "leave your life of sin')

For those who do not believe, I pray for them, knowing that without belief, I have no guarantee of anything.

Hope that answered your question.

8:27 AM
Avidor said...

Sorry, I'm still confused...

If Leviticus is irrelevant for Christians, why mention it?

1:34 PM
Savage Republican said...

Leviticus is not irrelevant, it is fact very relevant.
It there was no law, then what do we need forgiveness from?

We are still bound by law (part of which is put forth in Leviticus) and the penalty still apply.
Just they have been paid for by the blood of Jesus who paid the price for our sins.

Thus for a Christian to ignore the moral laws is to both diminish the sacrifice that was made for us and to dishonor that sacrifice.

We both forgiven for our sins (because the penalty has been paid) and asked to leave our life of sin.
Through the sacraments we acknowledge our need for forgiveness and remember the sacrifice that granted us forgiveness.

But just because we are forgiven does not remove the law.

As a poor analogy:
If a bank forgives my debt or someone else pays it for me,
It does not mean I did not have a debt and that I was not required to pay it. But because someone else paid it, I am not required to pay it myself.

(To keep from repeating myself, please reread my third paragraph that starts "As a believer in Christ" and talks about forgiveness and but also the need to follow the law)

1:57 PM

Savage Republican - are you speaking for the Logical One here, or are you speaking for yourself?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ray Cox Gets First Ballot Endorsement

Michael Brodkorb has the story. Cox's opponent ran to the right of Cox. According to a commenter on Brodkorb's blog, and to a republican source, Sue Jeffers was at this convention.

The Logical One Responds, Doesn't Answer the Question

In our last episode we wrote about SD 35 Republican BPOU Chair, True North "nucleus" and MOB Blogger, Cindy Whitehair, aka the Lady Logician's post that responded to a Nick Coleman column column going after Archbishop John Nienstedt for his anti-gay animus. In her post, the Logical One suggested that Leviticus 20:13 supported the Archbishop's position.

The Lady Logician said...

I didn't quote Leviticus 20:13 - I quoted Leviticus 18:22...Is that the best you can do?

Actually, she quoted 20:13:

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

The Logical One continues:

I also find it interesting that this is how you respond to a civil conversation. It speaks volumes about you.

Regarding Lev 20:13 you totally skip over the part where it says that the blood guilt (for the sin) is ON THE HEAD OF THE SINNERS!

Nice of you to put words in other peoples mouths....


I quoted you directly LL. Please answer the question? Does your quoting of Leviticus 20:13 mean you agree with its call for the Death Penalty for gays? A simple yes or no will do.

Avidor said...

What is "blood guilt"?

9:18 AM
Savage Republican said...

Actually, she's a Christian so you have to read both parts of the bible.
All the penalties for sin have been paid in full by Jesus.
So yes there is a call for death penalty (for this and all the other sins), but the penalty was already paid.
But the important part is also the go forth and sin no more.

And she is not part of the "Leviticus crowd.
It is Genesis that sets out the plan. Leviticus is just because people were too dense to see it clearly.

And again, condemn the sin, love the sinner.

As for 'blood guilt', the guilt for the loss of their life. In other words the sinner is to blame for his sin.

11:58 AM

MarkH, a contributor here, also left a comment over on the Logical One's post:

Lady Logician - which half of the Bible are you cheering for? The Old Testament or the New?

I only wish that the Archbishop focused on teaching the Gospel.

If you read the Gospel of John very carefully, you'll find out that the only sin cited is that of unbelief.

I have no personal need to be welcomed by the Catholic Church. I'm a lifelong Protestant, and do not anticipate changing my mind about the role of a Pope any time in the foreseeable future.

There's no Pope in the Bible...

The Archbishop's assertion that a homosexual orientation is caused by some childhood trauma is mind-boggling and insulting. Unless of course he's referring to children being abused by Catholic clergy?

By Markh, at 12:14 AM

And the soap opera continues.

Rather Surprising that the Drama Queen Didn't Pick This Up

Daily Mole:

Molecast audio: David Schultz on the non-starting Franken campaign
By Steve Perry
December 4, 2007
09:25 am

David SchultzIt’s the negatives, stupid: Today in our weekly Campaign ‘08 conversation with David Schultz, the Hamline University management prof and political analyst plumbs the troubling numbers that continue to plague Democratic US Senate frontrunner Al Franken. “When I’ve gone out and talked to community groups in the suburbs,” says Schultz, “it’s clear by talking to Democrats as well as swing or independent voters, especially women, that they’re very, very uneasy with him. They don’t trust him.”

Schultz also notes Norm Coleman’s improving job ratings, and suggests that Democratic Senate challenger Mike Ciresi consider taking a page from the Arne Carlson playbook: Refuse to honor the party’s nomination and run against Franken in next September’s primary.

Usually the Drama Queen breathlessly reports on such press coverage of Franken.

The interview is well worth listening to.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

True North and MOB Blogger Lady Logician Quotes Leviticus on Death Penalty for Homosexuals

True North "nucleus" and Republican Party BPOU Chair of Senate District 35 Cindy Whitehair, aka Lady Logician doesn't like Nick Coleman's column going after Archbishop John Nienstedt for his anti-gay animus. Later in a post on True North, she linked to this post.

Now I can not speak to the Catholic Catechism as I am not a Catholic. However, I have enough Catholics in my life that I have been exposed to enough to know that Nickolae is wrong again! Nick obviously has not read his Old Testament or if he has he conveniently skipped over this passage.

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

That is Leviticus chapter 20 verse 13 and the emphasis is mine. Merriam Websters Dictionary defines abomination as "worthy of or causing disgust or hatred". A sin "worthy of or causing disgust or hatred" is considered to be a grave evil which the Archbishop says homosexuality is IS. Doctrinally, there is nothing out of line in what the Archbishop said!

Death Penalty for Homosexuals Sign carried at 2004 Anti-Gay Rally at Minnesota State Capitol

Death Penalty for Homosexuals Sign carried at 2004 Anti-Gay Rally at Minnesota State Capitol
Photo by: Bert Schlauch. Used with permission.

Thanks for making this so clear Lady Logician. The Lady Logician definitely seems to be part of the Leviticus Crowd.

The Lady Logician also contributes to the Senate District 35 Blog "The official blog of the Senate District 35 (MN) Republican Party BPOU" and AntiStrib of "Dirt Worshiping Heathens" fame.

From the True North Biographies:

The Lady Logician

Cindy Whitehair (aka the Lady Logician) is a self-described "soccer mom" complete with the mini-van. She shares the Logical Household with her husband, son and two dogs Lucky the worlds best border collie and Captain Jack (Sparrow).

A native of the Chicago area (motto - vote early and often) she escaped to "God's Country" 13 years ago. She still carries a couple of Chicago habits (a love of the Cubs and the Bears) but in almost all other aspects has become "Minnesotan" including the accent!

She began blogging in 2005 when she was invited to join "The Savage Republican". After blogging there for a year, she struck out on her own and has been typing away ever since. Besides blogging, she is active in the Minnesota GOP as a volunteer and BPOU Chair and as a 4H adult leader.

I wonder what Senator Claire Robling, will think of her BPOU Chair's post.

IDiot Denied Tenure

Des Moines Register on Guillermo Gonzalez's failure to obtain tenure.

Money quote:

Rosenberg, who did not vote in the tenure decision but issued a separate recommendation as chairman of the department, said the tenure discussions included comments on whether Gonzalez thought intelligent design was science, which Rosenberg said he thought he did.

"Would you have somebody in a French department who said Spanish was French?" Rosenberg asked.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Pat Robertson: 35W is Holy Highway Foretold in Bible

From Right Wing Watch via the Daily Mole.

Towleroad comments:

So, evangelical Christians have set aside 35 days to use the cities around I-35 to rid America of sin, meaning "abortion clinics, gay bars, strip joints, and porn shops." God is using "purity sieges" to set America free.

And they're apparently working - homosexuals, like James Stabile, a drunk gay who stumbled across a purity siege, was cured when a pastor touched him and yelled "Fire!"

Stabile: "I didn't feel the desires to be with men like I felt before." Shazam!

Fact is stranger than fiction.

Call to Jason Lewis's Show to Promote Coleman's New Franken v Franken Ad Backfires

A caller, "Andrew" to Jason Lewis promotes Coleman's webad, which the Drama Queen has been breathlessly promoting. The caller gets asked by Lewis if he is connected to the Coleman campaign and the caller acknowledges that he is. Lewis then gives the caller an earful over Coleman's support for bill to recognise ethnic Hawaiians as a tribe.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

IDiocy in Texas

USA Today:

The state's director of science curriculum said she resigned this month under pressure from officials who felt she gave the appearance of criticizing the instruction of intelligent design.

The Texas Education Agency put Chris Comer on 30 days paid administrative leave in late October, resulting in what she described as a forced resignation.

The move came shortly after Comer forwarded an e-mail announcing a presentation being given by the author of Inside Creationism's Trojan Horse. In the book, author Barbara Forrest says creationist politics are behind the movement to get intelligent design theory taught in public schools. Comer sent the e-mail to several individuals and a few online communities.

Comer, who held her position for nine years, said she believes evolution politics were behind her ousting.

"None of the other reasons they gave are, in and of themselves, firing offenses," she said.

Minnesota Women's Political Caucus Annual Luncheon

This should be interesting.

November 28, 2007

Keesha Gaskins, Executive Director

Minnesota Women’s Political Caucus Welcomes Rep. Maxine Waters as Keynote Speaker for 29th Annual MWPC Luncheon

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota Women’s Political Caucus (MWPC) is proud to welcome Rep. Maxine Waters as keynote speaker for the 29th-annual MWPC Luncheon. The event will be held Friday, Dec. 7, at Graves 601 Hotel, 601 1st Ave. N. , Minneapolis .

Rep. Waters represents California ’s 35th Congressional District. Throughout 29 years of public service, she has been known for tackling difficult issues. Waters is a champion for issues of concern to people of color, women, children and the poor, including economic development, expanded access to health care and equal justice under the law. She is lauded by African-American and women entrepreneurs for her work to expand contracting and procurement opportunities and to strengthen businesses. Long active in the women’s movement, Waters has given encouragement and financial support to women seeking public office.

She has long been an advocate for international peace, justice and human rights. Before her election to Congress, Waters was a leader in the movement to end apartheid and establish democracy in South Africa .

“Rep. Waters’ inspiring road to Congress and her commitment to equality for all have earned her respect and support from diverse communities across the nation,” said Kristin Tupa, MWPC Board President. “Having in the Twin Cities on MWPC’s behalf is a great honor.”

Other speakers at the event will include Lulu Flores, president of the National Women’s Political Caucus, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Betty McCollum. Funds raised at the MWPC Annual Luncheon will support MWPC programs.

MWPC is a grassroots, multi-partisan organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in elected and appointed office by identifying, recruiting, training and supporting pro-choice women candidates. Its goal is equality and equal representation of women at all levels of government. MWPC supports women's issues by lobbying at state and municipal levels of government, holding community meetings, facilitating educational events and working with community partners.