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Friday, January 25, 2008

AM 1500's Bob Davis: Dump Ron Carey

According to a Residual Forces reader:

He just said Ron Carey should be gotten rid of – like 4 times.

Applikowski adds:

I’ve received quite few calls and messages from some very powerful people regarding the Ron Carey-Mike Huckabee endorsement Chair - situation. Lots and lots of people who had stayed out of the last Chairman’s election, or were backing Carey are fed up and have offered their support for his removal.


Here’s one thing someone very powerful with in the MNGOP wanted to make sure I knew.

There is a regular State Central Meeting that will be taking place in May.

As you were.

Ron Carey did an idiotic thing when he endorsed Mike Huckabee. I don't personally see an upside to trying to dump him at a State Central Committee meeting if the party wants to focus on getting people elected next fall.