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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Andy Aplikowski Nominates Governor Tim Pawlenty for the Man Not in the Arena Award

Residual Forces:

So let’s get this straight. Pawlenty has been spending a lot of time in the last weeks in Iowa and New Hampshire trying to get his pal John McCain elected President, avoiding any contact with the SD25 special election that he decided to call. Maybe he should get a ‘Not in the Arena’ award too. And, when he does grace the state with his precence he is doing appearances with Democrat Amy Klobuchar and environutters helping solidify Al Gore’s war against prosperity.In the Strib’s version, you get to see the nuttiness straight up.

Andy continues with this call to arms:

And here’s the test for Republicans at all levels. How much longer is it going to be before someone throws Pawlenty off the conservative island or at least fires a few rhetorical warning shots over his bow for abandoning the people who got him where he is? Seriously, this man will destroy the Republican party in Minnesota unless he is stopped. Unfortunately, the people in charge of the Republican party are…. are ….. well, I guess they are perfectly fine with it.

Andy also responds obliquely to Brodkorb's Man Not in the Arena Awards here.

I Am Willing To Stand In The Way Of Anyone With A Liberal Agenda, (R) Or Not

I left this as a comment at TvM on Pat’s post. Not really so much as a response to his post alone, but also for others out there, especially one from everybody’s (not) favorite blog cop, asshat in chief, and least likable lifeform ever to grace the blogoshpere you have ever met in person besides that annoying Ron Paul nutter….. ho has thrown down the bully gauntlet all because someone had an opinion, stated it, and that made him and his bestest westetst friends look like tools.