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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Andy Aplikowski from Residual Forces Getting Courted By Other Presidential Campaigns

His favorite, Fred Thompson has dropped out of the race.

Frankly, I can’t support McCain out of principle. He’s abandoned us too much in the past. I don’t trust him one bit.

Huckabee is also in that book for me. No Hucking way, as I say. Once a liberal always a liberal.

Who else is there? Ron Paul? He’s absolutely nuts and his foreign policy is crazy. Looking at the MNGOP provded straw poll ballot we also seem to have a choice of John Cox and Alan Keyes. Um, NO!

Romney? Well, it may have to either hold your nose or hold out hope that he isn’t just paying us conservatives lipservice to get the endorsement, only to later stick his finger in our eye and tell us to shut up like McCain would. And he isn’t trying to redefine conservatism like Huckabee is.

There may be no other choice. Is Romney all we true conservatives (big C conservatives, as in the movement) have left to get behind?


By J. Ewing on Jan 22, 2008 | Reply

What concerns me is how quickly, before 90% of us even get to offer an opinion, we’ve gone from an embarrassment of riches, candidate-wise, to a few stale onions in the bottom of the bin. If they would drop off from the bottom of the most-desirable list, that would be one thing, but Thompson was at the top of mine. Romney was second, followed by Huckabee (yuck), Giuliani (yuck-yuck), and McCain dead last. Hunter would have been better than any of them, position-wise, in my mind, and he’s out. The only one I would pick behind McCain would be Ron Paul, and then, I think, only because McCain is right on the most important issue– the GWOT– and Paul is wrong.

So who will be the next one to fall? We’ve an awful long time to live with buyer’s remorse if we pick Romney and then discover something we con’t like, especially when we already KNOW things we don’t like– BIG things– about the others. It’s time for worrying.

By the Lady Logician on Jan 22, 2008 | Reply

I have to concur JE….At this point it’s a matter of how hard I need to hold my nose when pulling the lever……


In a later post, Andy reports on an email from a friend of his:

I agreed 100% on your analysis of messieurs huckleberry, mccan’t, and the nut case (ron paul for those who can’t figure it out).

Also am hoping that Romney is not a say whatever they want to hear guy!!

Was interesting that you made no mention of Guiliani … you got something against people whose name ends in a vowel!!

Mitt Romney is clearly a say whatever you want to hear type of guy. That's what has gotten him into so much trouble.

Then he posts another email that promotes Giuliani. He also says:

It is down to a 2 man race now in the GOP as far as I am concerned.



Well, er, ah ….. it’s down to 2 now.

Isn't that just ducky?