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Thursday, January 31, 2008

AntiStrib Crowd Isn't Too Enthused About Caucuses

But they plan to go anyway. The comment thread is from this post with tags: Cynical pessimism, John McCain is an asshole, What's the point.

That's why we need real conservates and real people to work there way as high as possible. In the past conventions I've been to, it's the same douchebags running the show and electing themselves to the national convention. Seriously, a few years ago, and I can't speak for today, many of the party hacks were massive douchebags.
I'd venture to guess that Minnesota's 20 or so seats are already spoken for by this same bunch.
I'm tossed between bringing up a vote on censuring Arne Carlson at our local caucus. (charge: being a douche) Might stop my delegate progress.
JW of minnesota | 01.31.08 - 2:13 pm | #

At the caucus level you elect BPOU convention delegates, who in turn elect state convention delegates, who then elect the national convention delegates. So you're really a few steps removed from electing the actual national delegates.
KJT | 01.31.08 - 2:13 pm | #

Meaning that the neighborhood caucus's are just a huge circle jerk.
I guess I'll go anyway.
Sequel | 01.31.08 - 2:23 pm | #

many of the party hacks were massive douchebags.

Last time I went to convention or BPOU this was still the case.
Tracy Eberly | 01.31.08 - 2:32 pm | #

It's that easy to get elected, volunteer?

So.. what kind of kick backs are we talking here? Hookers and blow, or dinners with some people blowing smoke up my ass?
Casual Reader | 01.31.08 - 5:06 pm

They aren't too enthused about McCain or Coleman either:

Is that the best argument these McCaniacs have got?
He's better than Hillary?
He's not Obama?

The lamest excuse for advocating a politician ever.
He's not Hitler!
That's just fuckin great.

But what is he?

I've been voting for the lesser of 2 evils since 88. My returns have been diminishing as time goes by.
Bush1, Dole, Bush2? T.Paw, and Coleman?... What a clusterfuck.
With a McCain vs. Democrat X election, it's gotten so I fail to see a meaningful difference.

Ooh, but I need to rush down and vote because McCain is not Hillary.
Sequel | Homepage | 01.31.08 - 11:46 am

How do I put this so that I can insult as many of you as possible?

With a Republican President, the Republican Congressmen will be obliged to support some or most of what McCain proposes. With Hillary or Obama in the Whitehouse they can fight tooth and nail against everything they either proposes.

Gridlock is often good in DC as they don't pass new taxes to fuck us even harder than they already are.

Pelosi and Reid have shown that they can't manage the Democrats for shit, so if the Republicans stay together, they should be able to block Hillarycare and most of the other shit she'll propose. 2 years of gridlock could deliever the house and Senate back to Republican control.

We might actually come out better under a Democrat that we can block than a liberal Republican that we'd have to work with.

Plus 4 years of Hillary would totally enegergize the Republican Party. Romney will be back for sure and maybe someone can light a fire under Thompson's ass. Maybe even Guilianni will figure out where Iowa and New Hampshire are.

I can see a scenario where Hillary is better for Conservatives than McCain. Remember Bill Clinton reformed Welfare and signed DOMA.
Tracy Eberly | Homepage | 01.31.08 - 1:14 pm


Markh said...

It's so surprising that thousands and thousands of Minnesotans haven't been persuaded to become 'real conservatives' (whatever that means) by the thoughtful, compelling arguments of the Anti-Strib caucus.

BY ALL MEANS - I hope they all show up on Tuesday night to re-focus the direction of the Republican party, and make the party even smaller.

Knock yourself out!