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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Aplikowski Has a Comparison Piece Put Out Between Ray Cox and His Convention Opponent

Check it out here. Cox voted for the stadium boondoggle and the racino - which are votes I disagreed with. I don't care about conceal and carry legislation either way. I appreciated his votes against the Bachmann amendment.

Cox's convention opponent also seemed to be a "we don't want no choo choo trains" kind of guy.

Lady Logician responds in the comments:

So you are going to sit there and tell the SD25 Executive Committee that they endorsed the “wrong” candidate? In addition, there was a PRIMARY ELECTION. Glen had a chance to lay it out to the voters of the district and they rejected him! Are you going to sit there and tell the Republican voters of Senate District 25 that they voted for the wrong candidate?

I understand what you are saying but at some time we have to let the BPOU put up THEIR CANDIDATE….not ours.

Just think what your reaction would be if someone from St. Paul or from another Senate District tried to dictate to you what candidate you would nominate or endorse if you wanted “their help”. Would you put the other person up in order to get the help or would you tell them to go to h*ll?

I’m just sayin’ it’s not our place to say unless we live in the district!