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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Aplikowski Now Saying Executive Committee Should Deal With Ron Carey

Residual Forces:

Yes it would be very easy to get 20 State Central Delegates in order to call a meeting, and I probably have a dozen or so people on board already if my emails are correct.

But here’s the REAL problem, it would bring out the worst in some of the people in this party to do anything to stop this. I do not think Ron Carey or his die hard supporters would go down with out a fight, and we really don’t need the distraction during Precinct Caucus planning, or BPOU conventions immediately after that, or Congressional District Conventions after that. To quote Mr Carey, “We need to unite! Unite! Unite!”

I think we need to put faith in the Executive Committee to deal with Carey. That is what they are for. The last thing we need is a public food fight, or another big convention/meeting at this time to plan. And we all have far more to do getting ready for Caucus and our own local conventions than to deal with this Carey mess.

Hopefully there is the kind of anger or disbelief of Carey’s Huckabee endorsement arrogance with the Executive Members so that they can take one of my suggestions, or come up with a better one so that we can move forward towards the same goal or a stronger Party working together on the 2008 General elections in Minnesota. If they do choose to do nothing, well then Carey has some serious explaining to do to the Delegates of the Party, not just to the Executive Committee behind closed doors. He owes us an explanation how he can loyally do both be CEO of the party and organize and run the Huckabee camp. (suggestions post linked above)

For those of you out there who have contacted me or are thinking about recalling the Chairman, keep in mind it will take more than just 20 people from 2 Congressional Districts. That will simply get the meeting called. It will then take a 2/3 vote to remove him, and I can tell you, you don’t want to come up short on that. (TRUST ME!!!!!!)

I’ve seen some of the messages and comments the Chairman is getting or that are out there. He will realize he made a mistake, well I have hope he will. I cannot imagine a more divisive thing he could have done to this party as a whole. Others are realizing this and very upset with the Chairman. I do think we could have a big problem if nothing happens, and we could see a division in the party at the local leadership level to the State level. This would be absolutely disastrous if we are going to really get better at working together and not as autonomous organizations.

My advice for everyone is that we build the list of Delegates willing to sign a letter calling a State Central Meeting to discuss this with the Chairman. It would be great to do that by Thursday for the Executive meeting. If no one else wants to take this on, I could be the conduit to get it to someone on the State Executive Committee members. I’ve already expressed my concerns by email to a number of them already as well as what I have posted here.

I think Ron Carey shot himself in the foot.