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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to the Artwork...

(posted at Dump Bachmann)

I made a New Years resolution to spend a lot less time on the internet and get more artwork done.

What I found out is that it wasn't that easy to cut down. Somebody would send me something wacky about Bachmann and there I was composing, uploading... instead of drawing and inking.

I have to go cold turkey... so I've asked Eva to take away my ability to post on DB.

I began blogging at DB because the media was not reporting all the bizarre, wacky spectacle stuff Bachmann did and said.

The Dump Bachmann Team has done an amazing job of setting the record straight on Michele Bachmann and I'm satisfied that I have achieved the goals I had when I started blogging on DB way back.

The good news is that DB has excellent contributers from the 6th CD now. More good news is that there are two strong candidates in the DFL. Either Elwyn Tinklenberg or Bob Olson has a good chance of defeating Bachmann in November.

It's been interesting... but, I must be going....

Eva has been gracious for letting me post non-Bachmann stuff on Lloydletta also.


Eva adds: I will miss Ken Avidor and wish him the best.


Awakening said...

If you receive this message, I am sorry that you had to leave DMB. I loved your very funny and unique graphics. And I did get in the 'habit' of always looking for the newest one, as I made a pit stop to see what was up at DMB. They made me laugh! Thank you for giving the gift of laughter.
Awakening in the 6th CD