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Monday, January 07, 2008

Blogs on Ron Carey's Latest Move

MN Publius:

Thank You Lord, For Sending Me Ron Carey
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If anyone was curious as to why the (Independent) Republican Party of Minnesota has had it’s electoral tuchus handed to it recently your gaze should settle right at the top, Ron Carey. From financial mismanagement, weak staffing, being outworked in the field, Ron Carey has hit all the bases of mediocrity. Although the Republican party suffered an embarrassing defeat in the SD25 special election there was always hope that this could be the year that he stopped the bleeding.


Rest safe dear readers, Ron Carey went above and beyond the call of incompetence today.

Today it was announced that Carey is supporting and will be the chairman of Mike Huckabee’s MN campaign.

Wait– read that again. One more time for clarity. Got it?

The Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party is taking a leadership role in a campaign, that is participating in an election that he has extraordinary power to effect. Howard Dean nationally, and Brian Melendez locally haven’t endorsed in any endorsement race as far as I can figure; because the referee shouldn’t be playing for one of the teams.

Residual Forces:

Another developement tonight is an online grassroots action to spread the message about the Governor’s press conference today on Illegal Immigration. It immediately preceeded Carey’s announcement for Huckabee. There is a lot of positivity toward Pawlenty’s stand from a critical conservtives. And where was the Chairman of the Republican party while Pawlenty was finally taking a great stand? That’s right, working for the Huckster.

As if I need to even say it, but so the huge amounts of traffic and new readers to RF know:

Yes, I have been critical of Carey, from the very moments he took office. Does that change anything? He made a bone headed move today that even some his bestest of supporters are unhappy with (I am told). And the rest are trying to once again tear down this blogger in order to deflect the damage done by: “their guy”. Carey endorsed and is working for a tax and spend , nanny state, pro-Amnesty, big government liberal candidate for President.

The Wege:

Ron Carey will be "spearheading" Mike Huckabee's Minnesota campaign. Makes sense to me. Who better to lead a born-again's campaign than a member of the living dead?