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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Did Ron Carey Host a Huckster Event?

Residual Forces:

Dear Home Schooler Friends

You are welcome to join an opportunity to meet the next First Lady of the United States of America!

Please join us in meeting Janet Huckabee, wife of Governor Mike Huckabee, on Sunday, January 27th.

Please forward to other home schoolers friends.

Gary Borgendale
Minnesotans for Huckabee

Andy comments:

Other portions of the forwarded email include directions to the event in Ham Lake and pleas to spread the word since it was on short notice, for attendance. I am told the directions take you to Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey’s front door. Ron Carey has endorsed and is the “honorary” Chair of Huckabee’s Minnesota campaign.

The question is what WAS the agreement Ron Carey made with the executive committee.


Markh said...

Mrs. Mike Huckabee, Ron Carey, and a roomful of flat-earth creationists....

Sounds like a party from hell.