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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Did Someone in the DOJ Leak Information About Corruption Investigation to Right-Wing GOP Blogger?

Drew Emmer posted a defense of former U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose on his Wright County Republican blog with this interesting statement:

Paulose was hot on the trail of uncovering a significant corruption issue in Minnesota.

Amazing how expendable the U.S. Attorney becomes when there is big money on the line.

Somebody in the Department of Justice leaked information about an ongoing corruption investigation to... Drew Emmer?

Unless Emmer is just making it up, the new acting U.S. Attorney for Minnesota Frank Magill should investigate who leaked that information to Emmer and fire them immediately.

Spreading rumors about ongoing DOJ corruption investigations is a very serious matter. Public corruption is a serious offense and allegations of corruption should not be made lightly.

One thing we learned from last year's U.S. Attorney scandal is that the DOJ's power to investigate can destroy careers and have a serious effect on the outcome of elections.

Leaking information about an ongoing DOJ investigation may also jeopardize the investigation, alerting targets of the investigation.

Does Drew Emmer have a source for his rumor or did he make it up?