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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Triple A Reports on the Executive Committee Meeting

Triple A:

Exclusive - Carey….. And the Cell Signal Dies

OK, I’m not supposed to do this, but here is what the results are.

Carey is staying on as Party Chair. He will become the honorary Chair for Huckabees campaign. He will not do any public fundraising, speaking, answer any media inquiries. He would be allowed to go home at night and make calls privately. I am told the meeting was civil and business like. there were no tensions.

An email from a private source should be sent out tomorrow, not using any party resources.

Another source tells me that Carey's future with the party was not in question here. I'm still trying to verify whether it's true that Carey will no longer be doing fundraising, speaking and answering media inquiries for the state party. If that is so, what will he be doing for his salary? I'm trying to verify from other sources whether this is accurate.

Update: According to a source close to Ron Carey, Ron Carey is still functioning in the exact same capacity, and with the exact same responsiblities as state chair.


Markh said...

I would have interpreted AAA's breathless report to mean that Reverend Carey wouldn't make calls, answer media inquiries, etc. during work hours for the Huckabee campaign.

The Executive Committee's trust in their chair can only be due to his outstanding performance????