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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Former Mark Kennedy Campaign Manager Pat Shortridge Condemns Ron Carey's Endorsement of Mike Huckabee

Truth v Machine:

As the Host Chairman for the 2008 Republican Convention, you’d think Ron Carey would be doubly cautious about picking winners and losers and more interested in rolling out the welcome mat. The other Republican candidates will be less than thrilled that the Minnesota Party Chairman, the Host Chairman has endorsed one of their opponents. How enthusiastic will any of them be to help the Minnesota Republican Party any time soon? That is likely to mean less money for our party, less money to help our candidates.

A final, final point: In politics as in life, timing is everything. Chairman Carey’s announcement, coming only days after a humiliating Republican defeat in a State Senate special election, will cause many to wonder if his focus is in the right place. Is Chairman Carey’s focus on national politics, or here in Minnesota? Is he spending his time strategerizing with Huck or figuring out how to dig out of the hole here in Minnesota?

There’s no Party rule that prevents Ron Carey from endorsing for President. It does, however, violate the laws of good judgment and common sense. The Chairman deserves the benefit of the doubt that this is a one-time hiccup, and not part of a troubling pattern. But I’m sure many folks will be watching all the more closely.

I think the biggest problem with Carey's endorsement is that he is the host for the Republican National Convention. This is going to hurt relations between the Minnesota Republican Party and the other Republican campaigns.

Jason Lewis was ranting about Ron Carey's endorsement on his radio show today.

And so the soap opera continues.


Markh said...

there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that Minnesota's electoral votes will go to the Republican candidate this year... but I could see a scenario where Norm Coleman wins a narrow re-election. It would be comparable to the 06 split ticket, where Minnesota voted for Amy Klobuchar and Tim Pawlenty on the same day.

Thinking of Minnesota as a 'swing' state in 2004 amounted to very wishful thinking by Karl Rove.

lloydletta said...

Norm Coleman can't afford a party chair who focuses on the Presidential race rather than on helping Norm Coleman get reelected. This was a huge gift to the democrats.