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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Kevin Dahle vs Ray Cox

Kevin Dahle's website has an issues section which gives an idea about the issues he considers importance. He states publicly he is willing to vote for a gas tax increase.

On March 30, Dahle writes on his blog:

At this point I expect that the election will come down to forty or fifty votes. That means that every single vote is HUGE! If you are voting by absentee, you can vote at the Le Sueur, Rice, Scott, and Sibley county courthouses or the Northfield City hall during the following times.

Dahle people didn't get out and vote during the primary. That could be because there was no contested primary.

Michael Brodkorb braved the cold to go out door knocking for Ray Cox. A commenter on the Northfield Locally Grown blog reacts:

Ack! According to his blog, Brodkorb is in Northfield campaigning for
Ray Cox! Do any of you read Minnesota Democrats Exposed? Why would Brodkorb campaign for Ray? I find Brodkorb insulting and tabloidian.

There is also audio of the radio spots here.

Update: Holly Cairns, the author of the comment going after Brodkorb owns a web design firm whose clients include candidate Kevin Dahle.