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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Let the Education Begin....

The comments of the disgruntled spouse of an also-ran compel me to respond:

From Eva's post about Emily (Mrs. Glenn) Gruenhagen:

All in all, I agree with Drew; we were outflanked and outsmarted and we need to learn our lessons or we will continue to be in the minority. We also need to run real platform Republicans and hold our legislators accountable. This idea that a candidate needs to “fit the district” is hogwash. Real leaders stand on principle. They are persuasive and know how to bring others on board by educating them in the principloes (sic) that made our nation great.

Let's start with the idea of a candidate fitting or not fitting the district being 'hogwash'. Welcome to the land of people who don't win elections, Mrs. Gruenhagen.

I disagree with her suggestion that the reason principled/platform Republicans aren't endorsed and elected is due to a a lack of education. At the national and state level, we've had a belly full of education on these noble principles supported by the Minnesota Family Council and the Taxpayer's League. The general public fully understands their story, and consistently rejects these hard-line positions.

Go ahead - harden your conservative positions. Make the Republican party smaller, not larger. Keep losing elections.