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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lloydletta Reader Comments on Andy Aplikowski's Claims that Pawlenty was MIA on SD 25

As I pointed out earlier, Andy Aplikowski nominated Governor Tim Pawlenty for the "man not in the arena" award. A Lloydletta reader points out that Pawlenty was very much in the arena.

Tim Pawlenty didn't stay away from the SD25 race. He was down there doorknocking on Dec. 27, making a radio appearance on KYMN during the visit as well as popping into a healthcare forum.

My friends in Northfield and Montgomery tell me that Pawlenty's remarks about health care helped rile up the strong DFL base in Northfield.

Sviggum, Laura Brod, College Republicans and others were involved in Cox's effort. MCCL had quite a bit of voter contact via mail and phone in the week before the election, but it doesn't seem to have been effective in rallying the vote.

One of the things Joe Repya brought up in trying to dethrone Carey was the sad state of the Voter Vault file. The DFL did much better on this: witness fairly staunch pro-life townshops like Jessenland going for Dahle.

Triple A's pal Glenn Gruenhagen is a big Christian Heritage/ creation science type--see Nov. 10, 2002 meeting of "Citizens for Academic Excellence"

Also EdWatch.

My source also pointed me to Hal Kimball's post about Gruenhagen.

As I said before, my only contact with Gruenhagen was when I went to Michele Bachmann's event to rally the anti-gay activists in Hutchinson. At that event, Gruenhagen asked Bachmann about "gay bowel syndrom." This even embarrassed Michele Bachmann. She did not repeat the term. He spoke (along with Michele Bachmann's sidekick Michael Chapman) to the Twin Cities Creation Science Association. That says it all.