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Friday, January 04, 2008

Lloydletta's Nooz Exclusive: Minnesota State Party Officials Request that local party people in 41A (Erhardt's District) Not Hold District Convention

I hear from a reliable Republican source in the area that local party activists were asked to call off an endorsing convention. In this district, Keith Downey, a candidate from the theocratic wing of the Republican party is challenging Ron Erhardt. This is from Downey's philosophy of government (from his website):

God's moral precepts, written into nature and conscience, are the basis for law and liberty.

Does he mean the Levitical laws?


Markh said...

that's just insane for the state party to try and prevent one Senate district from having a convention....

While endorsing candidates does get most of the attention and glamour, there is other business to conduct.

I browsed Mr. Downey's website... he lists his church affiliation as Christ Presbyterian in Edina. That's far from being some praise-band-groovin'-flat-earth-creationist bunch of activists.

Former Miss USA Barbara Burwell Peterson is a member of Christ Presbyterian... it's more country club than anything.

Spot said...

But the DO like Leviticus at Christ Pres.

First Ringer said...

I don't know who your source is, but nobody in the state party has asked 41's Executive Committee to do any such thing - and they're the only group that could somehow (actually, I don't know how) prevent a convention from happening.

Wilson5436 said...

I serve on the SD 41 executive committee and our convention is on March 8th, all are welcome to attend.

Wilson5436 said...

We are open to all ideas in Edina, and we welcome different input within our district from all republicans, and look forward to having a great convention.

Allie said...

As an analyst I've been looking at this race and potential bloodbath. You will see blogs running around on the interest of having Keith Downey switch to 6th Dist Henn Cty Comm seat that she just surprise announced she will drop.

One Quote
" Hey! Linda Koblick just announced she wont run for reelection in Keith
Downey's Hennepin County commissioner district. Keith would be smart to
QUICKLY switch and run for powerful 6th District commissioner endorsement.
Downey already has a huge political organization in place. The position
meets his capabilities and goals on his website. Keith would be only 1 of 7
running a government enterprise as large as the State of Minnesota. Hennepin
County is one of the BIG TIME counties in America. Representatives are just
1 of 134. Then you have to build seniority to get anything done and contend
with the democratic senate and the governor who is probably going to leave
to be vice-president. Democrats are caught off guard on an empty
commissioner seat. They thought they would have to run against a successful
republican incumbent - even if Koblick didn't originally startout with the
endorsement from her party. Going after the commissioner spot lot better
than to tackle fighting an incumbent from your party (Ron Erhardt) who
personally is one of the highest vote getting representatives in the state.

Dropping 3 days before the endorsing convention leave everyone hanging - but an opportunity to keep two republican seats. Erhardt's and Koblick's now if he gets moving fast Downey

Wilson5436 said...

Keith Downey will not even be attending the convention tomorrow. However I will be, and I will be seeking the Republican Endorsement for the retiring Commissioner's seat, and I welcome your attendence to hear my vision for our party's future

Allie said...

Wilson. It is humerous that you would invite an outside political analyst you don't know to vote in your area. I study races and trends. Koblick dropping just before a convention means all kinds of non-starters may throw their hats in. If a party wants to win it needs a candidate with a lot of money, a big strong organization, and a strong appealing candidate. There is only one such possible candidate standing out in your area and it is Downey because he already has a machine set up and has outside PAC money from the Christian Right plus the Minnesota Majority behind him. Do you have $100,000 pledged already, if needed, and the ability to set up a major campaign needed by a newcomer? I only observe that Downey shifting races to one more suited to him virtually guarantees two elected republicans whereas if he stays in 41A the battle will lead to a democrat there and an unknown in com dist 6. Wanting to win, like Downey in 41A and you in Hennepin 6, and actually being able to win - not just run - are two different things.