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Friday, January 04, 2008

Meltdown Over DFLer Dahle's Win Over Republican Ray Cox

As reported on Lloydletta's Nooz yesterday, Dahle won the special election - 50-42% - with a margin of over 1000 votes.

The Drama Queen commented that "negative campaigning works".

Just ask Ray Cox and the Minnesota DFL. Cox was defeating by DFL candidate Kevin Dahle in the SD 25 special election. The DFL spent money on negative mailings and negative radio ads in the final days of this campaign. According to sources close to the race, the DFL didn't spend any money on promoting a positive message about Dahle.

Jeff Fecke commented:

# Jeff Fecke Says:
January 4th, 2008 at 2:00 am

Would you care for some cheese to go with that whine?

Several Mobster bloggers are doing some Friday Morning quarterbacking. Drew Emmer pinged Brodkorb's blog with this.

There was no credible rallying alarm for the conservative base to respond to. That was largely because many in the conservative base felt somewhat excluded by the process whereby Neuville anointed Cox without the benefit of a grassroots vetting of the GOP endorsement.

Al Franken and Tim Walz showed up to help execute the quiet revolution in SD25. And their efforts paid off.

Is this a harbinger of a further shrinkage in the ranks of GOP legislators in 11 short months? The Vegas line would certainly favor the dems at this juncture. Pay close attention to the explanations and excuses offered by our ranks as we react in shock to the black and white results.

"We" were out-smarted, out-flanked and out-worked. For the record, I did nothing to help in SD25. How about you?

In Brodkorb's comments Mitch Berg calls Cox a Sturdevant-approved hamster:

The real lesson: RINOs are suicide for the GOP.

Put a real center-right conservative with a real vision out there, rather than a Sturdevant-Approved (R) hamster, and you have a shot.

What Sam said. You listening, CD3GOP?

Another commenter blamed the Senate Republicans:

As someone who volunteered a handful of times for Ray Cox I don’t blame the Republican Party one bit for this. I only saw one or two people at any given time from that Senate Republican caucus and it was always a staff volunteer, never a Senator.

The Senate Republicans shit the bed here once again. They are full of a bunch of blow hards (and I fear this is happening party wide amongst our officials) who love to talk strategy and how they have all the answers but don’t do a damn thing when it comes time for actual work.

I’m tired of know-it-alls who are willing to criticize and comment but when it comes down to it they aren’t going to put anything into the end result. The Senate Repubs got what they deserved.

Another commenter disputes this:

# Elephant Says:
January 4th, 2008 at 5:10 pm

I would like to point out to BP that there were Republican State Senators working on the election. Some were down in SD 25 door-knocking and some in St. Paul making calls. Senators worked hard to put together the campaign efforts and raise money for the campaign. Just to let BP know we all lose - not just the Republican Senators!

Michael Brodkorb responds by giving Drew Emmer the first "Man not in the Arena" award, and giving Mitch Berg honorable mention for this "analysis".

# Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
January 4th, 2008 at 3:16 pm

Mitch: I want to congratulate you on winning the Minnesota Democrats Exposed Man Not In The Arena Award, honorable mention.

Please read my post regarding your analysis. I hope you’ll join me on air to claim your prize.

# Mitch Says:
January 4th, 2008 at 3:49 pm

Minnesota Democrats Exposed Man Not In The Arena Award,

In other words, the GOP version of “Chickenhawk”?

What, us mere peasants aren’t allowed to have an opinion about the workings of the party for which we work our butts off?

See you tomorrow!

# Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
January 4th, 2008 at 5:02 pm


Minnesota Democrats Exposed Man Not In The Arena Award is an apt description of people like yourself and Drew who did nothing to help out with the Republican effort in SD 25, yet you have time today to point out how the people who were actually in the arena helping out with the effort stumbled.

There's quite the debate on Brodkorb's comments also:

# patriot Says:
January 4th, 2008 at 3:28 pm

I got the call from the MNRNC HQ to make phone calls for Cox. So I looked up Cox and did some research, what I found was another Norm Coleman and Jim Ramstad. It was the holidays so I had better things to do than make phone calls for another RINO.

The poster above is correct Brodkorb, you are too willing to prostitute yourself for anyone with an (R) behind their name. Your fawning all over Norm Coleman is nauseating, man, have some principles. And I normally agree with you! But I liked Drew’s possession of principles.

And Berg doesn't like this Man not in the Arena - it reminds him of "chicken-hawk."

# MBerg Says:
January 4th, 2008 at 3:42 pm

Let’s all take a deep breath.

I will support anyone who’s with me on 80% of the issues, give or take. I don’t *like* the term RINO, but I use it, because it’s nice ‘n convenient.

From what I’ve read, Cox rated about a 26/100 from the Taxpayers League. I’m not looking for purity - I mean, I support Pawlenty and Coleman and might even give McCain another look, here - but I AM looking for basic agreement on the things that separate the Good Guys from the Bad Guys (of both parties): spending, security, smaller government. Did Cox stack up?

Also - whomever said the people of the district chose him; are you sure? I mean, I get the impression that the District leadership anointed Cox over the protests of people who wanted someone further to the right. I wasn’t there (that’s right, its’ true), but that is identical to the complaint I have about the CD4GOP - the arena I AM in.

As to the “man in the arena” bit, Michael - that’s perilously close to the “chicken hawk” slur that we all get from lesser minds. Tread lightly. I wasn’t “the man in the area” on the Titanic, but I get to say I woulda taken a different boat.

I think part of the problem was that Ray Cox was not a particularly vigorous campaigner. Kevin Dahle was. Dahle was a very popular high school teacher, and knew lots of people that way - both former students, and parents through parent-teacher conferences.

Brodkorb's point was that people win elections by showing up. Blogging does not do it when it comes to a special election. Direct voter contact does - and that means door knocking, pounding lawn signs, making phone calls, lit dropping etc.


Markh said...

The reality is... the hardline conservative wing of the Republican party is succeeding in making the party smaller, not larger.

They can have their purity circle-jerk and decry the evil RINO's, and keep losing elections.

In the meantime, bridges collapes, roads rot, property taxes continue to multiply, and we build stadiums using taxpayer dollars.

Ray Cox went through both an endorsing convention and a primary, and, well, ta-da.... he was the nominee. Live with it.