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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Minnesota Majority Now Shilling for the Governor's Immigration Proposals

Their whining post criticizing the Pioneer Press for covering their article which talked about "racial purity" and health care got several comments:

Re: A Prescription for Media Bias By Barb on 1/6/2008
Unqualified! Star and Tribune Must be government subsidized. We won't subscribe and we will soon be cancelling the pioneer press.

Re: A Prescription for Media Bias By humanendurance on 1/6/2008
I stopped watching all media...don't read the paper... all bias bs. Thank GOD there is truth on the radio. Thank GOD, people with human qualities are voicing it. It's too bad people with human qualities don't exist in the government of a country of what used to be free and used to conduct democracy...the government fails to encourage human qualities and takes advantage of those that have it. I suppose they can't encourage what they don't have. If it doesn't cost money they won't consider it.

Re: A Prescription for Media Bias By Barb on 1/6/2008
It's too bad bias gets paid. I am cancelling the paper, news media (tv) and any other deceitful media. Certainly someone has to proof read and obviously the focus IS to be bias...MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT REQUIREMENT FOR EMPLOYMENT.

Now that the Governor is shilling about Immigration, Minnesota Majority is trying to get legitimacy. The Governor would be wise to stay away from a group that is known for its statements about "racial purity."