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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The New Hampshire debates

I didn't see the entire Republican debate on ABC, as I took a phone call when it was about half over. I did listen to 95% of the Democrat cage match.

My impression is that Mitt Romney is dripping in flop-sweat right now. If he doesn't score on Tuesday, he might be done. I sensed some panic when I listened to him talk tonight.

Ron Paul is an interesting guy... I wonder why he doesn't break off and run as an independent, given the combination of his fundraising success and having no hope of getting the Republican nomination. I happen to agree with some of his small-government theories, but on some topics he's batty. I think it's good that his point of view is being heard during this election cycle, but he has no prayer of winning. If he ran as an independent, he could stay in the race longer.

Fred Thompson did well, which is always a surprise. The Huckster quoted from the Declaration of Independence, a favorite script for the Theocrats.

As for the Democrats... most of the time, they didn't answer the question that was asked, and the moderators didn't hammer them for it. I was particularly disappointed when a very good question about the cost of entitlements (current plus promised) was raised, and we didn't learn a thing.

I think I now have a better understanding of John Edwards. His self-righteous rants about corporate greed and the power of the lobbyists made a little more sense tonight, when I listened to the entire spiel, vs. a 30 second sound byte. That said, I wonder if he takes PAC money from labor unions....

The moderator from the local TV station asked very good questions of all the candidates. It's too bad nobody answered him.