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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Norm Coleman Is Clearly Worried About His Base

He had a conference call with selected conservative bloggers. For some reason Andy Aplikowski wasn't invited. King Banaian summarizes the call.

Several bloggers were invited to speak earlier this evening with Senator Norm Coleman about his upcoming campaign for re-election. It was a small and fairly informal affair, with Coleman holding forth with a group of about six bloggers that I heard for approximately thirty minutes. I heard Mitch, Michael, and Drew on the call. The campaign intends to make these a regular part of their schedule going forward.

The campaign put up a new video today, the first of what they hope to be many positive campaign ads highlighting Coleman's record. This one discusses some constituent service for a couple adopting a child from Haiti. There was some discussion of whether they would run more positive ads or ads contrasting Coleman from Al Franken or Mike Ciresi, but all I learned from this was that they had a plan to have both running and that some will go to TV. There was no commitment to when this would happen.

Both Coleman and campaign manager Cullen Sheehan emphasized that there was an uptick in small donations and in volunteer activity, indicating increase in activity. In response to questions about the mood of the base, Coleman pointed to low voter turnout in GOP primaries thus far but thought the issues were so important to people that we would see a response. We need independents to win, he stressed, and we have a way to go.

I found the video to be an emotional hook, but also didn't relate to what Norm Coleman's primary job is - which is to be a legislator, not working at an adoption agency. I'd like to hear what he's accomplished in the Senate. I don't want to hear emotional appeals from his underage kids about what a great dad he is.


Markh said...

This reminds me of Ted Baxter campaigning for Teddy Awards on the Mary Tyler Moore show.

'How could he not win?', Mary asked. 'He visited the sick'.