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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ray Cox Backs Down from His Claim that There is a PRT Test Track in Duluth

Innovative Transit blog was surprised by Ray Cox's claim about a Duluth Test Track.

This is surprising, because most PRT innovators know there were plans for a Duluth system -- which had support of the mayor, council and business community -- but plans never proceeded due to lack of funding.

So like me, he contacted Cox.

I misspoke. It was my understanding that work moved forward on this after I left the legislature, but it appears that is not the case.

Cox never returned my phone call, so it's good to get him on the record that he was in error on this.

The rest of the Innovative Transit (pro-PRT) blog entry was ranting about Ken Avidor. Ken's post was accurate. He had no obligation to contact Cox to verify what he said, since it was on tape. Cox said, what he said - and after I listened to the video, and read Avidor's post, I googled for information about the Duluth area PRT test track and could only find a Mark Olson press release promoting it.


Mr_Grant said...

In light of the Special Election, I wouldn't be surprised if Cox is out campaigning. I suspect he responded to me because he had an expectation of being treated objectively by my coverage or blogging.

However, if Cox reads the balanced post you wrote about him (my compliments BTW), it is likely you'll be hearing from him.

Re your characterization of my Avidor analysis as "ranting": what's your definition of 'rant'? My work is neither extravagant nor violent, wild nor demagogic. Vehement, maybe.

I would accept 'forceful.'

Again, nice work on Cox v. Dahle.

David S. Gow

PS, the name of my Avidor-analysis blog is, officially, "PRT is a Joke" is a Joke.

lloydletta said...

Well Cox left a message on my phone.