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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ray Cox vs Kevin Dahle

Ken Avidor posted about Ray Cox's historical and current support for Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). The most interesting claim was that Duluth has a test facility. I've left a message with Ray Cox for comment for more information. Cox did support Northstar commuter rail - so he is not opposed to conventional rail. He voted against Mark Olson's amendments. Cox blogs about his positions on Rail Transit here.

Ray Cox does have a good record on environmental issues - and beyond that, made environmental issues a priority during his term at the legislature. He has consistently gotten the League of Conservation Voters endorsement. Cox was also one of the few Republicans to consistently vote NO on the anti-gay marriage/civil union amendment aka the "Bachmann amendment". He deserves credit for standing up to the theocrats in the Republican party on that vote. That vote was part of the reason he had a challenger at the convention.

The main concern I'd have with Ray Cox is the promise he made to delegates at the convention - that was that he would vote to uphold all of Governor Pawlenty's vetoes. That is NOT the act of an independent voice - and is an irresponsible position to take.

Here's the Dahle for Senate website. Dahle has a blog, and he allows comments. I will do some more investigation into the Dahle website to see what I can find about Dahle's positions later.


A Transportation Enthusiast said...

If you had asked Ray Cox, as another reporter did, you would have known that he freely admitted his error.

But Eva Young and Ken Avidor never let facts get in the way of a good anti-PRT talking point.

Eva claims she contacted Cox, but how are we to believe Eva: she routinely censors her blogs to remove critical comments while retaining favorable ones, even as she hypocritically attacks others for censoring their comments.

At this point, why would anyone trust anything Eva says, especially on something like PRT where she clearly has a political agenda?

lloydletta said...

You can ask Ray Cox whether I contacted him. I got a return phone call (which I've still got taped).

Regarding the Dump Bachmann comments, those were comments on a thread that was beyond it's time - and I copied, and posted the comments on your blog, so they weren't censored, they were just thoughtfully brought over to a more appropriate location.