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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Slug Fest on the NARN Show

Mitch Berg and Drew Emmer the winner's of the MDE "Man Not in the Arena" awards are guests on Brodkorb's show today.

Some interesting highlights:

Mitch Berg whined about unfair process in CD 4. Rory Koch, the district chair called in to call Berg on the carpet. Koch pointed out that Berg hadn't been at meetings, nor volunteering with efforts.

Berg also claimed that the liberal foot soldiers are all paid - and the conservatives volunteer, and the conservatives are demoralized and need some more reasons to volunteer. This is patent nonsense. Berg was bragged about his efforts to fight the good fight in St Paul. If that means his participation in the St Paul Issues forum, where his bullying behavior is turning off other participants, it doesn't say much for spreading a positive impression about conservative ideas. Rich Mons, forum manager writes:

Both Tim [Erickson] and I have reported that as moderators we've had folks tell us they're leaving the forum because of the tone. I understand that those reports are inconvenient to the way Mitch would like to comport himself but I resent the implication that they're manufactured reports which Mitch does imply when he writes "there is *supposedly* a legion of people in St Paul who get scared off."

Others have reported that would-be subscribers have been dissuaded from joining as well ... Joe Nathan most recently. We had a high school class withdraw from its planned participation because of the tone. Grace Kelly reported that at least one individual who she had recruited for a special topic decided not to participate due to the tone of the forum.

I'm not sure what Mitch would have us do in these situations but he's apparently unconvinced unless he has first-hand evidence that it occurs.

The other interesting bit of trivia coming out from that show, is that Michael Brodkorb mentioned he got his start in Republican politics as an alternate for Alan Quist.