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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stonewall DFL Endorsements

After much deliberation, Stonewall DFL decided not to make candidate endorsements in the US Senate Race and the 3rd District race. The reasoning was that all the DFL candidates in the Senate Race were excellent on LGBT issues, and showed leadership on those issues, and one candidate wasn't clearly the best. The same was the case in the 3rd District. The board voted to upgrade Terri Bonoff's grade from a B to an A. A motion to upgrade Jim Hovland's rating from a B to an A failed. In the 3rd District race, there were clearly more votes for Ash Madia than other candidates, but there wasn't the 60% board vote for endorsement.

It was interesting watching this process.

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer came to personally pitch for the endorsement. (He had come for the screening, but because Stonewall went over the time, he had to leave before they could screen him.) Al Franken also came back to make a personal pitch for endorsement. Scott Dibble also spoke on Al Franken's behalf.