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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stonewall DFL Federal Candidate Screening Schedule for Saturday

As I mentioned before, both Elwyn Tinklenberg and Bob Olson plan to screen.

11:00am Questionnaires Released
Federal Screenings
12:00pm Ashwin Madia 3rd CD
12:30pm Terri Bonoff 3rd CD
1:00pm Jim Hovland 3rd CD
1:30pm Bob Olson 6th CD
2:00pm Elwyn Tinklenberg 6th CD
2:30pm Al Franken US Senate
3:00pm Mike Ciresi US Senate
3:30pm Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer US Senate
4:00pm open
4:30pm open

I believe neither Elwyn Tinklenberg nor Patty Wetterling screened with Stonewall DFL 2 years ago, so this represents progress. I interviewed Bob Olson briefly and describe the interview here but have thus far not been able to schedule a video interview with his campaign. Elwyn Tinklenberg's on camera interview with Dump Bachmann on Social Issues (which covers gay issues and stem cell research) is here.

It is interesting that the Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer campaign has not scheduled to screen before Stonewall DFL.

Meanwhile Stonewall DFL Board Member posts about Team Franken's bigotry on the Minneapolis Issues list.

We are a city of diverse peoples, and our citizens might want to think twice before supporting Al Franken.

I tried volunteering for the Franken campaign, even offered my labors, free of charge, as an intern. When he was making appearances out by Starbuck where I know the Franken campaign is short staffed I offered to help. I never received a reply. When I applied for an internship, the interview lasted for all of two minutes. I suspect they were expecting a pretty young lady instead of a very queer old gimp.

I've raised this issue of his campaign's bigotry with Al Franken himself. One of his cute young staffers wrote down my contact info, but I've never even received the dignity of a reply from Al Franken or his campaign. So I can only conclude that bigotry is standard operating procedure at the Al Franken campaign, and if your too old, queer, or crippled your not welcome in Al Franken's campaign or as a possible future constituent. Given some of Al Frankens past homophobic and misogynist comedy routines that's no surprise.

There are better candidates for Minneapolis, and I suggest Minneapolis diverse citizens look at them all. FFI:


Markh said...

I was at the Stonewall DFL screenings two years ago (as an observer/reporter, not a member), and I don't recall any 6th CD candidates showing up.

I'm glad that Tinklenberg and Olson are planning to screen. It will draw some attention to that race.