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Monday, January 14, 2008

Strib and AntiStrib on Ron Carey Controversy

AntiStrib comments on the matter

Check it out.

I personally don't see what the big issue is. Ron Carey has the right to support anyone he so chooses. As a private citizen.

Assigning an endorsement on behalf of MNGOP to Mike Huckabee would be, well, let's just call it a big boo-boo. He's never done that. So again I ask, what's the big deal if he personally wants to support Huckabee?

Sue Jeffers responds in the comments:

Republicans need Ron Carey’s undivided attention on MN politics not a national presidential dog fight. The well paid Chair of the MNGOP should be focused on regaining control of the MN House in 2008, as well as attention to our state federal races. We need Ron Carey, host Chair for the 2008 Republican Convention, to be rolling out the welcome mat for all candidates who may end up in St. Paul. We need Ron Carey to at the very least pretend to be fair and impartial.

Now we will be forced to ask is he on the clock for Huckabee or the MNGOP, which organization is he fundraising for? Will there be hard feelings from other candidates; will the winner be willing to assist MN knowing the MN chair endorsed another candidate? Should Ron Carey be supporting all Republicans instead of one particular candidates?

Adding insult to injury Ron Carey showed his true colors in his endorsement of Huckabee as a candidate. Carey’s letter to the State Executive Committee members was already making excuses for his choice. He said: Any choice for the republican nominations stands head and shoulders above the best choice of the democrats can offer. Translation: Our RINO is better than a Dem. The same message that cost us so dearly in 2004 and 2006 and the recent SD25 special election.

Ron should at least pretend to be fair and impartial and his actions lack good judgment and common sense. My problem with his decision is this: Ron Carey why weren’t you front and center supporting Governor Pawlenty when he unveiled his executive orders to combat illegal immigration issues? Instead of supporting the action conservatives are desperately looking for, our party chair was taking a stand for Huckabee with his own press conference.

I wish Ron would put MN politics above his personal preference, it is what we pay him for. If he can’t do that I hope he will step aside or step down.
Sue Jeffers | 01.09.08 - 10:17 am

And now the Strib has a front page article and the Pigs Eye Podcast is devoted to the matter. Andy Aplikowski gets lots of attention in both.