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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Text of Ron Carey's Email to State GOP Executive Committee Announcing His Support for Mike Huckabee

MNGOP Chairman Ron Carey’s email to the State Executive Committee
After tremendous thought, prayer, and consideration, I decided today to endorse Gov. Mike Huckabee for President. I know that members of our party leadership are spread all over the map as to whom they support. As I stated as State Central last month, we need to have good, healthy competition of ideas and campaigns so we emerge with the strongest nominee that can lead our party to victory in November. Two items are certain. The democrats will nominate a far left wing liberal who is out of the mainstream of America and republicans will stand united in a few weeks once the primary/caucus process yields a nominee. As I stated today, “any” choice for the republican nomination stands head and shoulders above the “best” choice the democrats can offer.

I will plan on calling each of you between now and State Executive on Thursday (don’t forget it’s this week) to discuss my decision and seek your feedback. Feel free to call me first if you wish. Thanks for your dedication to our cause!